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Cut To The Chase

Just want to get started, well here's the download button.

Download Rock

Step 1: Kick The Tires On The Demo Site

Before you get too far, kick the tires on the Rock demo site. Here you'll see Rock set up for the fictitious Rock Solid Church. Feel free to:

  • Add new individuals
  • Look at the sample groups and add your own
  • Learn the reporting options
  • View the sample external site

Check-out The Demo Site

Step 2: Plan for Rock

Get the details mapped out up front to make the transition as smooth as possible. Here are the biggest questions you need to answer first:

  1. How do we plan to host Rock?
  2. How do we plan to migrate our data to Rock?
  3. Do we need support?

Good news! We've written a Planning for Rock guide to answer these questions and more. Take your time to read this document because it will save you heaps of time later as you start thinking about rolling Rock out.

Don't forget to make the roll-out fun. Start thinking of Rock puns now, and check out our Promo Shop for ideas to help your staff look forward to the migration.

Step 3: Get Rock Running

Rock is about options. Whether you decide to host it yourself or have someone host it for you, we have you covered.

Managed Hosting

If you don't want to worry about installing and hosting Rock yourself, there are services that will host it for you. With these services you can be up and running by the end of the day.

Get Help

Self-Hosting: Using Your Own Server

Want to host Rock yourself on your own hardware? No problem. We have a full guide to get you up and running with a few simple steps.

View Rock Solid Internal Hosting Manual

Self-Hosting: Using A Hosting Service

OK, so you want to do it yourself in someone else's datacenter. We got that too! In fact there's a manual just for you.

View Rock Solid External Hosting Manual

Step 4: Learn

Now that you're up and running, it's time to learn the power of Rock. To assist you we have numerous guides that not only explain the how but also the why. We also have over eight hours of video-based training to walk you through key concepts from getting started to custom development.

Step 5: Get Support

You're not in this alone. When you need assistance there's a community ready to help.

Support Partners

Rock's Partners can provide paid support for all your Rock needs. They also offer custom development for features that are unique to your organization.

Community Questions

Often the best source of answers comes from those who use Rock day-to-day in their own organizations. To help harness this knowledge we've developed tools that allow the community to help each other.

Step 6: Support the Vision

Andy Stanley once said, "Free means someone somewhere gave something." As you discover the value of Rock to your organization, will you consider supporting the continual development of this resource? We suggest $1.50 per average attendee per year to offset your organization in the system. And any amount above that helps churches that can't afford to give. Your generosity is key to moving Rock forward.