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Different By Design

Rather than send you a bill like a vendor, we chose to build a ministry to serve you better.

We are supported by churches using Rock and suggest a donation of just $4.10 per average weekly attendee, per year.

Donation Calculator

Customized to Your Needs

Price per Person Per Year only $4.10

Church Size

100 People

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Total Cost


How Does This Work?

Rock is built by the 501(c)3 Spark Development Network. We won't invoice you because we're not a vendor. We're your ministry partner.


The reason we chose this model is so small and new ministries can have access to technology they couldn't otherwise afford.


We started this with an early church spirit of generosity, and encourage you to engage with us in mutually successful ministry.


Our ministry has costs, just like yours, so we rely on the support of the community of churches that use and love Rock.

How Much

All ministries that aren't new or small should donate; either move your current ChMS budget to Rock or use the calculator above.

Ministry Partners

Consider donating above the suggestion, enabling us to continue providing Rock to churches that are unable to donate.

Help Us Plan

We need to plan in order to keep new features moving forward. Please share your donation plans with us by creating a commitment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an invoice for my accounting team?

We have just the tool for you, which will let you customize your invoice as needed. Here is a link to our online invoice generator.

How do I share our donation plans for Rock?

We use a commitment system that is similar to a pledge but doesn't require an annual update. Here is a link.

Why don't you just charge churches to use Rock?

We want small churches to have access to amazing technology, too. And we want to demonstrate to our community that we are truly focused on what matters most - ministry.

Why should we donate if we aren't required to?

Rock is not a product. It's a ministry like yours. And like yours, it requires funding for success. If you can afford to donate and you don't, you are hampering Rock's ability to grow and meet community needs.