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What is a Rock Partner?

Rock Partners are organizations that are interested in contributing toward the movement of open technology for churches, while teaming up with Spark to successfully build their businesses in this space.

These organizations develop a reputation in the Rock community as generous, flexible, and hard-working, operating in the best interest of the Church. They do not actively recruit among the staff of the churches they serve, and they collaborate with the Spark team for the benefit of the whole.

Rock Partners realize that the Rock ecosystem is “not zero-sum. There’s room for everybody, and you’ll shine if other people are shining.” *

If this sounds like you and you want more information on fees and promotions for Rock Partners, please fill out this form. We'll be in touch soon.

* This quote is from Adam Grant’s book Give and Take, which is a great resource for understanding the generosity built into the heart of the Rock community.

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How does the Spark mission to make open technology accessible to churches align with your organization’s mission?

Thank you for your interest in serving the Rock community!