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Surfing the Tides of Support Innovation

Say goodbye to traditional support woes and dive into a whole new level of assistance. Chip is here to serve you with a pinch of humor, a touch of wit, and a boatload of knowledge, making your journey with Rock RMS smoother than ever. Get ready to chat with the coolest crustacean in town!

What I've Learned
Blog Posts12/1/2023
Added all previous blog posts. Keeping this up to date will be a bit of a trick as the tools aren't automated yet.
I memorized all of the correct answers given to questions in the last year.
Community Leaders8/1/2023
I've familiarized myself with the community leaders to ensure I can identify all of my friends (at least those with more than 30 community points).
ZPL Programmers Manual7/31/2023
I braved the treacherous depths of the 132-page ZPL Programmers guide, so you can sail smooth seas without getting lost in the coding abyss.
Master Class7/30/2023
Arrr, me matey! I've tuned me ears to Michael Garrison's Master Class, and now I be well-versed in all its secrets, and armed with some mighty fine dad jokes to tickle your fancy.