Get Involved

We need Rock Stars.

If you think you've got the right stuff, we think you do, to join the opportunities below to push Rock further.

Classify Issues

Helping with issues is a great way to help the community move Rock forward. You don't need to be able to write code to help, several steps only require some time and basic understanding of how to use and configure Rock.

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Alpha Testers

Are you super comfortable with the nature of your website and database. Are you considered a bit of a IT website ninja? Do you want to be a hero and catch issues before anyone else sees them? ...

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Beta Testers

Are you the pioneering type or an early adopter of technology? Are you comfortable with your Rock installation and database? Do you want to be the final line of defense before a new Rock is released to...

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Help with Github Issues
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Steps to Join the Team

Leaping over buildings takes energy, so we want to see you've made some attempts. We'll consider:

  • Point Score on the Community Q & A
  • Prior Contributions
  • Overall Community Reputation
Oh yeah, and since you'll be considered part of the team we need to make sure you're not Lex Luthor... so we're going to interview you.