Alpha/Beta Testers

Are you the pioneering type or an early adopter of technology? Are you considered a bit of an IT website ninja? You should be one of our Alpha/Beta testers. Alpha/Beta testers help catch bugs and problems before they go live.


Alpha Testers
Some Tech

  • Using a copy of your production Rock environment data (if you have one), you'll perform updates of Rock release candidates (RC) when notified.
  • Test as many features as possible during the alpha window and report any bugs you find.
  • Let us know the results (#success #fail)
  • If we ask, you would restore back to the initial state and try it all again with a new alpha release candidate.
  • IMPORTANT! Once the alpha testing phase is over YOU MUST destroy your alpha test Rock installation because it cannot be used for any additional testing.

If this is the right role for you, simply:

  1. Let Us Know You’re Interested Here
  2. We'll add you to the alpha team and send you more detailed instructions.
  3. We have detailed list of steps you can follow when you're performing alpha updates.

Beta Testers
Some Tech

  • Using your copy of your production Rock system (or less ideally, an empty test system) you'll perform updates of Rock beta releases when notified. (hint: here's a SQL script to help you clean-up the copy of your production database.)
  • Test using this checklist (select 'Run checklist') and test as many features as you would typically use them during the beta period.
  • Report any bug you find to GitHub (if not already reported) making sure to inlcude the beta release number.
  • Let your staff and team in on what you're doing and have them pay special attention too, looking for anything out of the ordinary.

If this is the right role for you, simply:

  1. Subscribe to the Beta Tester group to receive beta release announcements.
  2. Edit your Update Server URL found under Admin Tools > General Settings > Global Attribute > and set it to


The following resources may be helpful for these roles:


Technical Skill Level

Low Tech
Some Tech
High Tech