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Text Giving
Group Placement Options
Step Flow

Core Concepts

Learn the fundamental ideas behind how Rock RMS works and organizes data.


Learn how Rock RMS is an all-in-one relationship and content management system that can run your organization's website.


Learn about the powerful communication tools built-in to Rock for custom text messages and emails.


Learn how Rock can help you create processes to maximize engagement in your ministry.

Content Channels

Share dynamic content, like podcasts and blog posts from inside your Rock website using Content Channels.

Event Registration

Learn how Rock allows you to setup events so you know who is planning to attend and take care of event payments.


Discover Rock's tools to help track giving and other financial transactions.


Discover how to harness the power of groups to rock relationship management.

Individuals In Rock

Rock is all about relationships; learn how you can customize and extend how you store families and individuals.


Learn how you can harness Rock's powerful template engine called Lava to tailor the application to meet your needs.


Discover how to setup your reporting strategy and view data through data views, reports, dynamic data blocks and SQL.


Learn how Rock workflows can run request systems, data changes, background tables and more, all to save you time and effort.


Learn how to configure Rock check-in so your organization can focus on people.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Learn how Business Intelligence allows you to quickly analyze data and present actionable information to leaders.