Courses for every level and skillset.

Whether you’re learning the basics of Rock or are looking to become a Rock Master, the right course is available. Find the Rock Class that is best for you and register today.

Rock 100 Series

Ideal for your entire team, this introductory Rock course offers on-demand video content, Q&A sessions with a Spark instructor, and a Rock test instance for practical learning. Start your journey to unlock Rock's potential in this two-week online course.

Master Class

The Rock Master Class is a five-day, hands-on, intensive course designed for those familiar with Rock, offering both online and in-person options. It aims to elevate your Rock insights through a test instance and practice work.

SQL for Rock

Unlock the inner workings of Rock's raw data in this comprehensive three-day course, perfect for proficient Rock users aiming to delve into SQL. Master SQL from fundamentals to advanced concepts, gaining the skills to troubleshoot, report, and work confidently with your data.


Discover Rock Finance through a comprehensive two-day virtual class, tailored for your church finance team. From basic overviews to advanced tools like scheduled transactions and reporting, gain deep insights and best practices for effective financial management, all in one course.


Explore Rock's widely used Check-in feature through an immersive two-day virtual class. Empower your team to configure, maintain, and train on all aspects, from setup to advanced features like mobile check-in, ensuring mastery in this vital functionality.

Rock Lava

Join the interest list for the upcoming Rock Lava class. This class will be a deep dive into Lava, the templating language used in Rock.