Courses for every level and skillset.

Whether you’re learning the basics of Rock or are looking to become a Rock Master, the right course is available. Find the Rock Class that is best for you and register today.

Rock 100 Series

This is an introductory Rock course that is perfect for your whole team. This class will walk you through on-demand Rock U video content, provide Q&A time with a Spark instructor and a Rock test instance to practice what you’re learning. Take the first step to begin understanding what Rock can do. This is a two-week online-only course.

Master Class

The Rock Master Class is the next step for those who are familiar with Rock and are ready to take a deeper dive. This is a five-day, hands-on, intensive course that will take your Rock insights to the next level. This course is offered both online and in-person. It includes a test instance and practice work.

SQL for Rock

This course gives you a behind the scenes view of the raw data in Rock, which can be valuable for everything from troubleshooting to reporting. This is a three day course for those who are proficient at Rock and want to begin learning SQL. We’ll walk you step-by-step from the very basics to more advanced SQL concepts so you can feel empowered to work with your data directly.