Church Discussions

Those who are interested in joining the community always want to connect with the people who have gone before. Help them understand Rock better and share what you’ve learned through your journey.


As churches consider Rock, they often want to talk to someone about:
  • How they use Rock
  • How the migration process went for them
  • Which features they are using
  • Which partners they have used
If you’re interested in helping with these conversations, let us know. We often hear that they are the most rewarding part of someone’s week. When you have these conversations, we’d love to hear about them. This helps in two ways:
  1. It lets the Rock Community acknowledge all the effort you put in. We’ve gamified this, so join in.
  2. It’s helpful for us to know that these conversations are taking place as we’re often talking with the same organizations at the same time.
We have a simple form for you to tell us about your discussion. To find this form, go to your profile page and in the upper right, select the button called "Enter Church Discussion."

If you have questions, let us know

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