Introduction To Rock

New to Rock? Start here with an overview.

Working With Groups

Learn how groups operate in Rock.

Dataviews & Reports

Learn how to use dataviews to quickly build reports.

Introduction to Workflows

Learn how to apply Rock's workflows for the benefit of your organization.

Advanced Workflows

Go beyond the basics of Rock workflows.

Rock Security

Keep your data safe and secure using Rock's security model.

Dynamic Data & Workflows

Learn how to build rich reporting and workflow applications.

Content Management

Content Management Tools

Unleash the power of Rock's content management tools.

LESS, Bootstrap & FontAwesome

Learn the cutting edge web technologies Rock is built on.

Rock Themes

Ready to enable Rock to run your external website? Lean how to make your own branded Rock theme.

Using Liquid in Rock

Discover Rock's simple yet powerful templating engine.


Extending Rock

Find out all the ways you can extend Rock to meet the demands of your organization.

Rest & OData

Learn how to integrate with Rock through APIs.

Setting Up Your Development Environment

Ready to start developing? Setup your tools.

Introduction to Building Blocks

Learn the basics to building custom Rock blocks.

Intermediate Block Building

Once you have the basics, take the next step to building powerful blocks.

Writing Custom Workflow Actions

Write your own custom workflow actions to automate your organization.