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Database Administrator

The Crossing, A Christian Church
  "ChildLocations": [],
  "Image": null,
  "LocationTypeValue": null,
  "PrinterDevice": null,
  "IsNamedLocation": false,
  "GeoFenceCoordinates": null,
  "Latitude": 36.04097,
  "Longitude": -115.27005,
  "ParentLocationId": null,
  "Name": null,
  "IsActive": true,
  "LocationTypeValueId": null,
  "GeoPoint": {
    "Geography": {
      "CoordinateSystemId": 4326,
      "WellKnownText": "POINT (-115.27005 36.04097)"
  "GeoFence": null,
  "Street1": "7950 W Windmill Ln",
  "Street2": "",
  "City": "Las Vegas",
  "County": "Clark",
  "State": "NV",
  "Country": "US",
  "PostalCode": "89113-4514",
  "Barcode": "891134514509",
  "AssessorParcelId": null,
  "StandardizeAttemptedDateTime": "2018-05-02T15:11:01.107",
  "StandardizeAttemptedServiceType": "Smarty Streets",
  "StandardizeAttemptedResult": "RecordType:S; DPV MatchCode:Y; Precision:Zip9",
  "StandardizedDateTime": "2018-05-02T15:11:01.107",
  "GeocodeAttemptedDateTime": "2018-05-02T15:11:01.107",
  "GeocodeAttemptedServiceType": "Smarty Streets",
  "GeocodeAttemptedResult": "RecordType:S; DPV MatchCode:Y; Precision:Zip9",
  "GeocodedDateTime": "2018-05-02T15:11:01.107",
  "IsGeoPointLocked": null,
  "PrinterDeviceId": null,
  "ImageId": null,
  "SoftRoomThreshold": null,
  "FirmRoomThreshold": null,
  "Distance": 0.0,
  "CreatedDateTime": "2018-05-02T15:11:01.113",
  "ModifiedDateTime": "2020-06-09T21:44:00.69",
  "CreatedByPersonAliasId": 13271,
  "ModifiedByPersonAliasId": null,
  "ModifiedAuditValuesAlreadyUpdated": false,
  "Attributes": null,
  "AttributeValues": null,
  "Id": 11799,
  "IdKey": "kdlE4d2mjz",
  "Guid": "618fb199-9a34-44fc-88f7-b17fbb0a7be7",
  "ForeignId": null,
  "ForeignGuid": null,
  "ForeignKey": null
Las Vegas, NV
Rock Admin Database
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Who we are

The Crossing, A Christian Church exists for people to discover Jesus and the Journey. We

understand that the journey looks different for everyone, so we offer a variety of environments

for people to get connected and grow in their relationships with Jesus and each other. Our

church database is an incredible tool that helps keep our environments organized, so people

can easily get connected, stay connected and help others do the same.

Where you fit in

The Database Administrator will work with ministry leaders, volunteers and staff to ensure that

our church database is an inviting, user-friendly way to organize and communicate ministry

events, serving opportunities, small groups, prayer requests and more. Our Database

Administrator will also work diligently under the IT Manager to prevent database issues from

disrupting our mission to help people along their journey. This position is perfect for a “tech

savvy” people-person, whom God has gifted with outstanding communication abilities.

What you’ll be doing

  • Our Database Administrator is responsible for maintaining, developing and reporting results from our Rock RMS database, with the assistance of consultants and the online support community. If you see great value in using technology to empower the church to know more about the people that God entrusted us to love and care for, this is an incredible opportunity.
  • Must grasp the big picture vision and goals of the church as a whole as well as individual ministries. Responsible for interacting with ministry leaders, developing their ideas into reality, offering proactive solutions, and setting reasonable expectations for project functionality and timeline. Make recommendations on ways to continually improve our practices and use of technology.
  • Responsible for setting and enforcing data entry policies and procedures. Provide solutions for all staff to work within our primary databases rather than using outside forms, spreadsheets, or other databases.
  • Data mining - partnering with all ministry leaders to devise and produce reports, data views and dashboards to track all important metrics and uncover pastoral opportunities.
  • Security – ensuring our database is safe from malicious parties and negligent abuse. Ensure appropriate levels of access to the database for all users and maintain the confidentiality of all sensitive information.
  • Guest experience - ideally our guests will enjoy interacting with our database directly to give, track their giving, register for events, and connect with the church in various ways.
  • Supporting Hardware - Ensure that all devices used to support our database access are available, up to date and working properly.
  • Training - responsible for ongoing database and other software applications training for staff. This includes basic user instruction, advanced user training, and walking staff through upgrades and changes. Develop ministry champions to support the use of the database and technical tools within the ministries.


  • Organize workflow and synchronize between Google Docs, Rock and other systems as needed
  • Respond to all general ministry questions, both internally and externally, via phone and email
  • Other related duties as needed

What you’ll bring to the team

  • Minimum Education: Bachelor's Degree or High School Diploma with 5 years of related work experience
  • Minimum Experience: Three years in an equivalent technical role requiring strong organizational and communication skills, and continual interaction with staff and/or clientele
  • Working knowledge of: Rock RMS or comparable database software, SQL Server, Management Studio, Google Suite, Slack, Zoom, MacOS and Windows
  • Demonstration of strong technical aptitude and stronger interpersonal skills
  • Patience for dealing with staff that are very focused on ministry and sometimes unfamiliar with the database’s best practices
  • Preferred Experience: Five years in an equivalent technical role requiring strong organizational and communication skills, and continual interaction with staff and/or clientele
  • Must pass a pre-employment background check
  • Proof of legal authorization to work in the United States

What’s expected of you

  • The heart of a servant
  • Exhibit spiritual maturity
  • Possess strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Pursue Christ-likeness daily
  • Attend needed cross-functional meetings and department meetings
  • Attend monthly All-Staff meetings and occasional staff events
  • Participate in staff Prayer Days
  • Attend any required conferences or seminars
  • 40 hour work week

Staff Values

  • We’re in this Together

            o Respect and respond to each other’s Thinking Wavelength

            o Invest in relationships

            o Pursue cross departmental conversations and collaborations

            o Seek the greater win (The Crossing) over the personal win (my ministry)

    ● Live in the Tension

            o Respect and respond to each other’s Thinking Wavelength

            o Invest in relationships

            o Pursue cross departmental conversations and collaborations

            o Seek the greater win (The Crossing) over the personal wi

    ● Be Hungry to Heal, Learn and Grow

            o Practice self-awareness

            o Set healthy boundaries

            o Be solution focused

            o Passionately pursue my relationship with God

Rock RMS Job Board Policy
Rock is a growing community. While the harvest is great the workers are few. We highly discourage actively recruiting from other churches. The positions are provided for those outside of church staff or for those who feel led to move to a new opportunity.
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