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IT Project Coordinator

World Outreach Church
  "ChildLocations": [],
  "Image": null,
  "LocationTypeValue": null,
  "PrinterDevice": null,
  "IsNamedLocation": false,
  "GeoFenceCoordinates": null,
  "Latitude": 35.816415,
  "Longitude": -86.425641,
  "ParentLocationId": null,
  "Name": null,
  "IsActive": true,
  "LocationTypeValueId": null,
  "GeoPoint": {
    "Geography": {
      "CoordinateSystemId": 4326,
      "WellKnownText": "POINT (-86.425641 35.816415)"
  "GeoFence": null,
  "Street1": "1921 Highway 99",
  "Street2": "",
  "City": "Murfreesboro",
  "County": "Rutherford County",
  "State": "TN",
  "Country": "US",
  "PostalCode": "37128",
  "Barcode": null,
  "AssessorParcelId": null,
  "StandardizeAttemptedDateTime": "2020-02-11T08:15:46.027",
  "StandardizeAttemptedServiceType": "Bing",
  "StandardizeAttemptedResult": "Confidence: High; MatchCodes: Good",
  "StandardizedDateTime": "2020-02-11T08:15:46.027",
  "GeocodeAttemptedDateTime": "2020-02-11T08:15:46.027",
  "GeocodeAttemptedServiceType": "Bing",
  "GeocodeAttemptedResult": "Confidence: High; MatchCodes: Good",
  "GeocodedDateTime": "2020-02-11T08:15:46.027",
  "IsGeoPointLocked": null,
  "PrinterDeviceId": null,
  "ImageId": null,
  "SoftRoomThreshold": null,
  "FirmRoomThreshold": null,
  "Distance": 0.0,
  "CreatedDateTime": "2020-02-11T08:15:46.077",
  "ModifiedDateTime": "2020-02-11T08:15:46.077",
  "CreatedByPersonAliasId": 19228,
  "ModifiedByPersonAliasId": 19228,
  "ModifiedAuditValuesAlreadyUpdated": false,
  "Attributes": null,
  "AttributeValues": null,
  "Id": 14005,
  "IdKey": "R6B5xDpPEY",
  "Guid": "aad754ad-c687-45fe-aadc-70ddaebed69d",
  "ForeignId": null,
  "ForeignGuid": null,
  "ForeignKey": null
Murfreesboro, TN
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The primary responsibilities of this position are to take on project oversight and lead them to completion with the available resources. In addition, work with leadership to identify the best ways to leverage technology that support the needs and ministry of World Outreach Church.

Job Duties & Responsibilities

The job description can be added to or taken away from at the discretion of your immediate supervisor. In addition to the responsibilities listed below, continual growth and spiritual development is required and will look different over time and for each person.

• Work with leadership to set project goals and coming up with plans to meet those goals.

• Maintain project timeframes, budgeting estimates, and status reports.

• Coordinate project team members.

• Develop schedules and individual responsibilities.

• Use project management tools (ASANA) to track project performance and schedule adherence.

• Organize meetings to discuss project goals and progress.

• Work with teams to identify solutions to meet the needs of ever-changing business requirements.

• Work with third party vendors to analyze, compare, and choose the best technical solutions.

• Work with third party vendors to develop milestones and deliverables and hold them accountable to meeting those commitments.

• Attends all required meetings.

• Assists with some WOC administrative tasks, as required, to support the needs of the WOC office.

• Participates in WOC congregation life and events, as needed.

Job Skills & Requirements

• Has experience with system selection, analysis, and integration.

• Has strong organizational skills.

• Ability to recognize and maintain confidentiality of information.

• Ability to recognize basic procedural issues and escalate to the appropriate level.

• Ability to support efforts that result in a harmonious team and positive relationships, treating people with dignity, respect, integrity and/or compassion.

• Effective and clear written and verbal communication skills.

• Effective use of basic computing environment and tools (Microsoft Windows OS, Microsoft Office Suite, Internet, Mac OS, standard web technologies, and email use, etc.).

• Comfortable leading discussions and processing personal and spiritual matters, is a plus.

• Bachelor’s degree is welcomed but not required with relevant work experience.

• Takes direction well, but also has the ability to work independently, when needed.

• Regular, timely attendance.

Rock RMS Job Board Policy
Rock is a growing community. While the harvest is great the workers are few. We highly discourage actively recruiting from other churches. The positions are provided for those outside of church staff or for those who feel led to move to a new opportunity.
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