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I.T. Resident

Grace Church of Overland Park
  "ChildLocations": [],
  "Image": null,
  "LocationTypeValue": null,
  "PrinterDevice": null,
  "ParentLocationId": null,
  "Name": null,
  "IsActive": true,
  "LocationTypeValueId": null,
  "GeoPoint": {
    "Geography": {
      "CoordinateSystemId": 4326,
      "WellKnownText": "POINT (-94.68529 38.84011)"
  "GeoFence": null,
  "Street1": "8500 W 159th St",
  "Street2": "",
  "City": "Overland Park",
  "County": "Johnson",
  "State": "KS",
  "Country": "US",
  "PostalCode": "66223-2901",
  "Barcode": "662232901009",
  "AssessorParcelId": null,
  "StandardizeAttemptedDateTime": "2018-06-05T07:57:12.84",
  "StandardizeAttemptedServiceType": "Smarty Streets",
  "StandardizeAttemptedResult": "RecordType:S; DPV MatchCode:Y; Precision:Zip9",
  "StandardizedDateTime": "2018-06-05T07:57:12.84",
  "GeocodeAttemptedDateTime": "2018-06-05T07:57:12.84",
  "GeocodeAttemptedServiceType": "Smarty Streets",
  "GeocodeAttemptedResult": "RecordType:S; DPV MatchCode:Y; Precision:Zip9",
  "GeocodedDateTime": "2018-06-05T07:57:12.84",
  "IsGeoPointLocked": null,
  "PrinterDeviceId": null,
  "ImageId": null,
  "SoftRoomThreshold": null,
  "FirmRoomThreshold": null,
  "IsNamedLocation": false,
  "Latitude": 38.84011,
  "Longitude": -94.68529,
  "GeoFenceCoordinates": null,
  "Distance": 0.0,
  "CreatedDateTime": "2018-06-05T07:57:12.847",
  "ModifiedDateTime": "2020-06-09T22:44:00.273",
  "CreatedByPersonAliasId": 13518,
  "ModifiedByPersonAliasId": null,
  "ModifiedAuditValuesAlreadyUpdated": false,
  "Attributes": null,
  "AttributeValues": null,
  "Id": 11958,
  "Guid": "557c6866-68dd-49c7-bcbf-efcd6403f116",
  "ForeignId": null,
  "ForeignGuid": null,
  "ForeignKey": null
Overland Park, KS
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Are you looking for the next step in your ministry career? Are you eager to gain more knowledge and experience in your field? At Grace we're passionate about sharpening and pouring into our next generation of leaders. Whatever your passions and abilities are, your personal growth and development are our top priority. Utilizing your unique abilities, our goal for our 12 month residency program is to empower you as a leader, strengthen your walk with God, and equip you with the skills you need to lead a ministry team.

This is a 12 month leadership development program designed for those who have completed their college studies or equivalent and already have a sense of their calling and career path.

  • Learn to recruit and lead volunteers
  • Growth within your Residency field
  • Prepared for a leadership role by program completion
  • Real-world experience in your field of choice
  • Spiritual and leadership development from our Pastors and staff

We are looking for a detail-oriented I.T. guru who wants to learn how a single Campus Support I.T. Team is able to support a multi-campus church, learn how a network position can enable the ministry, and see how the operations team leads and teaches others. This position will be able to help with everyday networking help desk tickets and troubleshooting Wi-Fi and firewall issues. They will also be over volunteers, tracing cables, and know what and how we use for all software applications.

Rock RMS Job Board Policy
Rock is a growing community. While the harvest is great the workers are few. We highly discourage actively recruiting from other churches. The positions are provided for those outside of church staff or for those who feel led to move to a new opportunity.
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