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IT Support & Training Specialist

Northside Christian Church
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New Albany, IN
Support IT
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Northside’s mission is to connect unconnected people to Jesus Christ by connecting them to Christ, community, and their calling. The IT Support & Training Specialist will primarily lead and own staff training and process documentation while also providing staff technical support on an ad-hoc basis. This person will build our documentation repository while also taking point on staff training, both for new and existing staff. This position will also provide assistance with computer hardware and software, including but not limited to printing, installation, email, and operating systems. The ideal candidate must be relational, organized, detail-oriented, technically-minded, energetic, enthusiastic, take initiative, work effectively with others and be able to prioritize multiple competing tasks in a timely and professional manner.


o Provides technical solutions for our staff within our Rock instance

o Prepare and maintain technical documentation and procedures

o Provides technical support to end users

o Solve both hardware and software related issues

o Service a variety of computer hardware: diagnosing and repairing equipment

o Set up new computers

o Troubleshoots hardware, software, and configuration issues, ensuring maximum uptime and quality of services requirements

o Assists with the physical installation and maintenance of technical infrastructure systems

o Actively respond to & resolve system alerts, errors & issues

o Organize and maintain deployed and stored computer inventory

o Software support, seeking solutions with specific vendor support teams

o Setup computers, install/update software, and configure workstations

o Provide insight and support to existing software solutions

o Manage user and service accounts for all cloud-based and on-prem services

o Maintain network diagrams, including IP address mapping, and manage network cabling, cleanup and labeling


o Strong communication skills with the ability to explain computer related topics in layman terms

o Excellent analytical and problem solving skills with keen attention to detail

o Ability to work independently as well as in a team environment

o Ability to meet task deadlines/timeline requirements

o Motivated, with a high sense of initiative & urgency to tackle projects and resolve issues

o Excellent communications skills

o Have an eye for details and the capacity to see the big picture

o Strong communicator and have a high tolerance for stress

o Able to take direction and work well in a team atmosphere

o Able to inspire and motivate others to serve


o AA or AS degree or equivalent experience in information technology preferred

o 1-5 years of relevant work experience in IT Systems Administration or another equivalent field preferred

o Knowledge of Apple / Mac / iOS environment required

o Willing to become an active part of NCC

Rock RMS Job Board Policy
Rock is a growing community. While the harvest is great the workers are few. We highly discourage actively recruiting from other churches. The positions are provided for those outside of church staff or for those who feel led to move to a new opportunity.
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