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Technical Director / Editor

Cascade Hills Church
  "ChildLocations": [],
  "Image": null,
  "LocationTypeValue": null,
  "PrinterDevice": null,
  "IsNamedLocation": false,
  "GeoFenceCoordinates": null,
  "Latitude": 32.52039,
  "Longitude": -84.98633,
  "ParentLocationId": null,
  "Name": null,
  "IsActive": true,
  "LocationTypeValueId": null,
  "GeoPoint": {
    "Geography": {
      "CoordinateSystemId": 4326,
      "WellKnownText": "POINT (-84.98633 32.52039)"
  "GeoFence": null,
  "Street1": "727 54th St",
  "Street2": "",
  "City": "Columbus",
  "County": "Muscogee",
  "State": "GA",
  "Country": "US",
  "PostalCode": "31904-4803",
  "Barcode": "319044803279",
  "AssessorParcelId": null,
  "StandardizeAttemptedDateTime": "2017-07-26T07:08:10.25",
  "StandardizeAttemptedServiceType": "Smarty Streets",
  "StandardizeAttemptedResult": "RecordType:S; DPV MatchCode:Y; Precision:Zip9",
  "StandardizedDateTime": "2017-07-26T07:08:10.25",
  "GeocodeAttemptedDateTime": "2017-07-26T07:08:10.25",
  "GeocodeAttemptedServiceType": "Smarty Streets",
  "GeocodeAttemptedResult": "RecordType:S; DPV MatchCode:Y; Precision:Zip9",
  "GeocodedDateTime": "2017-07-26T07:08:10.25",
  "IsGeoPointLocked": null,
  "PrinterDeviceId": null,
  "ImageId": null,
  "SoftRoomThreshold": null,
  "FirmRoomThreshold": null,
  "Distance": 0.0,
  "CreatedDateTime": "2017-07-26T07:08:10.257",
  "ModifiedDateTime": "2020-06-09T21:58:06.397",
  "CreatedByPersonAliasId": 9849,
  "ModifiedByPersonAliasId": null,
  "ModifiedAuditValuesAlreadyUpdated": false,
  "Attributes": null,
  "AttributeValues": null,
  "Id": 9563,
  "IdKey": "bKmX5OGlo7",
  "Guid": "9985fe26-bef7-4e7a-994f-cf3261ad892e",
  "ForeignId": null,
  "ForeignGuid": null,
  "ForeignKey": null
Columbus, GA
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Cascade Hills Church in Columbus, Georgia is seeking an experienced Technical Director and Editor to join our team. Cascade Hills Church reaches thousands of people with the gospel of Jesus Christ locally in-person and through tv and tens of thousands via our online ministry every single week. Our mission is simple, to make fully devoted followers of Jesus out of irreligious people. We seek to introduce people to Jesus and His saving grace through powerful sermons, thought provoking media and dynamic worship each and every week. Our church is made up of individuals of all walks of life who come together under a single common goal, to love people as Jesus did. We are the church for the unchurched.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

• Operate and maintain control room and camera equipment

• Recording events and services

• Editing messages for tv timeslot constraints and social media posts

• Lead and build volunteer team of the media ministry

• Schedule volunteer team to accomplish recording of services

• Ability to work under tight deadlines and weekly delivery of content

• Be a strong team player and proactive in approach of upcoming needs

• Maintain a high level of honesty and integrity in every area of work

• Support video needs of ministries throughout the church

• Schedule is Sat: 1p-7p, Sun: 8a-4p, Mon: off, Tues: off, Wed: 6a-3p, Thur: 9a-5p, Fri: 9a-5p, and other duties as assigned

Key qualifications include but are not limited to:

• Degree in video production or equivalent experience

• 5+ years experience in technical director role and live event production

• 5+ years experience in multicam editing

• Proficient in use of Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Audition, Final Cut Pro and Photoshop.

• All applicants must provide a link to their demo reel to be considered

Job Type: Full-time


• Dental insurance

• Health insurance

• Vision insurance


• Associate (Preferred)


• Technical Directing: 5 years (Required)

• Editing: 5 years (Required)

Rock RMS Job Board Policy
Rock is a growing community. While the harvest is great the workers are few. We highly discourage actively recruiting from other churches. The positions are provided for those outside of church staff or for those who feel led to move to a new opportunity.
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