Cecillia Fountain
I've been at this church for over 30 years - I've been helping with the technology since 2008 when I was on the search team to select a ChMS. We've been with that product since then and it is not going to be able to meet our needs moving forward with the new vision cast by leadership. We need a model that will leverage technology to help us be a large church with a more "personal touch". I believe RockRMS may be the solution - though I'm the only one who knows about it at this time (4/4/2022). I have done nothing but eat, breathe, and sleep RockRMS content since it was mentioned it to me on Friday (4/1/22). I've read 14 manuals and listened to a dozen podcasts over the weekend and played around on the demo site. I'm just bummed that my account in the Rock Community was pending until today (Monday 4/4). I'm sooo happy to have found this community and this software. It will meet so many of the needs at our church. Can I just push a button and magically be using it already with all the staff trained and launched for ministry??? HaHa😂 Update: Today (Monday, 4/25/22) I got word that we can move forward with Rock! I'm so excited and terrified at the same time. I'm counting on the community and a Rock Partner to help.