DJ is a husband, father 4, and Founding Pastor of CityWell Church. As a teenager DJ always wanted to be a computer programmer but at 16 years old had a radical call to ministry he begrudgingly followed. In 2008 he started working for Morgantown Community Church as their part-time youth pastor. His love for media and technology caused his position to evolve over time to include all IT and production and then in 2014 DJ help this growing church move onto RockRMS being the first church to go live. In 2019 as his role within the church continued to change he stepped out of youth ministry to be able to focus on operations within the church. Then to mix things up even more in April 2020 (as a world pandemic was heating up) the Gricks announced they would be planting MCC's first daughter church in Coatesville PA. For fun, he loves bike riding, gardening, and binge-watching shows with his wife. He also tinkers with building things out of pallets, but can't get things done as quickly as his wife comes up with ideas.