SQL version with Campus Filtering:

Slides from Rx2019:

This SQL searches your Rock database for "recent lapsed givers". The definition of a recent lapsed giver is someone who gives $3,000 / yr, who has given less than $100 in the past 8 weeks, __who was giving normally this same 8-week period last year__.

That last clause is key, because many people give a lot, but can have 8 week non-giving periods. Maybe they take the summer off. Maybe the winter off.

Maybe they give a large amount in December, then don't start again til March. Without comparing their giving to the same 8-week period last yearit's hard to know.

How to use this

1. Create a Dynamic Data block on a page for a Pastor to send, "Hey, how's it been going?" emails
2. Create a DataView that you can use to build other reports or automatations on top of

You can see step-by-step how to go from SQL either a DataView or a Dynamic Data Block in the slides: