Here's a common problem: you have a Data View of people whose background check will expire in the next 30 days and a Workflow that renews a person's background check. But how can you get these two things to work together? This recipe is how to use simple technique to start a Workflow when someone enters a DataView by using a Group to connect the two. By combining Group Sync and Group Member Workflow Triggers you can add some handy automation to your organization.

  1. Create your Dataview.
  2. Create your Workflow. Importantly add an attribute called "Person" with the Field Type of "Person"
  3. Create a new Group. Don't use this group for anything other than as a go between.
  4. While creating your group add your Data View under Group Sync Settings.
  5. Add your workflow to the Group Member Section so that it runs your Workflow whenever someone is added to your Group.

That's it! Every time your Group Sync Job adds someone to your Group the Workflow will be started for that person. I've added a screenshot below as an example of one we use at Southeast. For more information about Group Member Workflows you can read this document.