Overview of Process

A combination of Workflows and HTML pages to get guests from first time attendance of re|engage to fully plugged into a "Closed" Group, within which they will grow in their understanding of Jesus, how His Grace and Forgiveness impacts their marriage and how He can restore what the locust has eaten.

General Steps:

  1. Workflow for Newcomers/First Time Attenders of re|engage that gathers information about the couple
  2. An HTML page driven by SQL to show Newcomers that might need manual editing due to not matching a person record in the system
  3. An HTML page driven by SQL to show Newcomers this week
  4. An HTML page driven by SQL to show couples ready to be placed into a Closed Group
  5. An HTML Page driven by SQL to show couples removed from the Group Placement process
  6. An HTML Page driven by SQL to show Historical Newcomers
  7. A Workflow to remove couples from Group Placement
  8. A Lava ShortCode that powers attendance counts
  9. You will have to change AttributeId's in all of the SQL to point to your new AttributeId's that get created in the Workflow Import process. We have commented on them within the SQL to help you figure out what each one is for so you can easily change them appropriately

We will go into more depth later detailing what each of the above pages do as we work through them.

Here is our linked folder that will have all of the documents referenced throughout this guide:


Let's go build some stuff!

We have a unique GroupType for our re|engage groups.  This can be adapted if you don't have a unique GroupType, but it is a lot easier if you do.  We highly suggest doing so.  We will not go into how you structure your group tree or creating a GroupType.

Create Person Attributes

You will need to "Create/Add" a few Person Attributes before you get down to business on workflows:

  1. re|engage Newcomer Date (Date Type)
  2. re|engage Graduation Date (Date Type)
  3. re|engage Previous Graduation Date (Date Type)
  4. re|engage Did Not Complete (Date Type)
  5. re|engage Spouse (Person Type)
  6. re|engage Marital Status (Text)
  7. re|engage Marriage Rating (Integer)

Newcomer Intake Workflow

Our Newcomers Workflow is in the linked folder and can be imported if you are v9 or later. Once the workflow is imported, see below for the manual configuration you will need to do in order to point your workflow to the right person attributes.

  1. Activity:"Person Attribute Set" > We have a special person attribute called Home Church that we store. If you want to do something similar feel free otherwise just remove that attribute from the workflow.
  2. Activity: "Update Person Record" > `Set Person1 reengage spouse`, `Set Person2 reengage spouse`,`Set Person1 Newcomer Date`,`Set Person2 Newcomer Date`,`Set Person1 ReEngage Marital Status`,`Set Person2 ReEngage Marital Status`,`Set Person1 ReEngage Marriage Rating`,`Set Person2 ReEngage Marriage Rating`
  3. Activity: "Communication Sends" > Update any wording/text you want here to communicate what your church does or wants to communicate
  4. Activity: "Complete Workflow" > Redirect... Where do you want to send them once complete.  We send them to our churches homepage.  Your choice here.

How you launch this workflow is up to you.  We have them text into a number and it replies with a url to the workflow.  It will probably be something along the lines of the following for your URL you have them visit in some form or fashion that works for your environment.  Whatever your Newcomer Intake WorkflowTypeId is which is stored in the URL when you are on the workflow configuration page.  https://yourexternalwebsite/WorkflowEntry/WorkflowTypeIdHere 

As an example: https://rock.churchname.org/WorkflowEntry/240

HTML Pages Overview

We have a "Dashboard" that we provide to staff that has 5 buttons linked to the various "Reports" about the process. You are welcome to do that and I will include the code in our linked folder.

HTML Page: re|engage Newcomer Edits Needed

This page is for newcomers who are in different families or who have different marital statuses on their profile than they listed on their newcomer form.  These will need to be corrected most of the time by merging records, or joining people together into one family.  We found this was better to allow for manual decision as it has too many exceptions to be handled automatically. 

This is a Dynamic Data Block with the code for it in a word document in our linked folder.

HTML Page: re|engage Newcomer This Week

This page is for knowing who came to newcomers this week.  Just a way for our staff to see newcomer attendance on a weekly basis.  May not be necessary in your environment.  Dynamic Data Block coding in a word doc in the linked folder.

HTML Page: re|engage Group Placement

This is your highly used page for finding out who is attending frequently and what their family status is so you can group couples together based on your various variables (age, marital status, marriage rating, etc.).  This page also allows you to "Remove" someone from the system if they stop coming, or someone accidentally filled out the newcomer form twice.  A button will link to a workflow that changes the newcomer workflow status so it no longer appears on this list.  We have some styles added based on attendance to show couples(or just one person in the couple) who have not attended in more than 14 days.  See word document for Group Placement in linked folder.

You will need to also create the Lava ShortCode.  The coding for it is in the linked folder under a word document called Lava ShortCode.  We created one GroupType per campus that has one Area under it for each Campus.  So we hardcoded the GroupId of the Area into the lava shortcode for attendance counting.  We won't dive into attendance here as each setup is completely different for hardware and style.  We suggest only having one group for Open Group though so you can compile everyone into one SQL query to find out who is consistently coming.

The Remove Button is a workflow that you can import into your instance and hookup using the correct workflowtypeid on the HREF for that button in the code.  The "reengage workflow status flip.json" file is in the linked folder.

HTML Page: re|engage Removed Group Placement

This page just shows people who have been removed from group placement for whatever reason.  This allows for couples who stopped attending to be placed into here to remove clutter from the Group Placement page.  They can be flipped back to "Open" if they start attending again and notify a staff member.  See Dynamic Data Block coding in Word Document in linked folder.

HTML Page: re|engage Historical Newcomers

This page is just for tracking how did people say they heard about reengage over the past year, or how many of our newcomers say they are members of our church, or how many people rated their marriage at a 1-3 in the past year... and so on.  Code for the Dynamic Data Block in the linked folder under Historical Newcomers

HTML Page: My Groups

Now you need a page for your re|engage closed group leaders to see who is in their group in a secure fashion.  We hide our behind a login wall and group membership in a re|engage group.  There is code in the linked folder for the HTML Block you can add onto an external facing page that will display member information for a re|engage leader of only their group that they are currently active in.

What now?

You have everything built from workflows to HTML pages.  The process should work as follows...

  1. Guest comes to newcomers and fills out the newcomer intake workflow
  2. Guest is populated on newcomers and this week and/or newcomer edits if needed
  3. Week two and beyond guest checks into "Open Group" using Rock Checkin, or manually giving attendance if automation is not possible
  4. Staff Gets a Leader Couple ready to start a Closed Group and compiles the closed group based on the 'Group Placement' report
  5. Staff adds Couples into the re|engage grouptype group which makes them fall off the Group Placement report because they are in a grouptype of re|engage
  6. repeat until everyone trusts Jesus on the planet!
  1. We have installed DataTables.Net on our server and use it to style our Dynamic Data Blocks and HTML Blocks when we are using a Table.  I will not go into depth with how this work here, but it is not "necessary" to have this work, just to make it look pretty.  I included the code for those things so if you would like to figure out how to use it go for it.
  2. We put comments in our SQL code to allow you to know what each AttributeId is for the select query.  You will need to change those for this to work.  You will have to open your newcomer intake workflow and match the AttributeId's up in the SQL query to match your AttributeId's that get generated when you import the workflow.  I would suggest writing them down somewhere as they get referenced on almost all 5 HTML Dynamic Data Blocks and you will have to change them on each one.