We are going to use Rock's DataViews to identify people who are

  1. Over age 55
  2. Give $3,000 year or more

That you can use to email Asset Giving information to make them aware of ways for them to give assets to the church

Why do this?

The IRS taxes investment gains when sold and some retirement account withdrawals when taken. But giving assets/withdrawals directly to a non-profit doesn't get taxed. This email makes older, major donors aware of these options.


  1. Add a new System Email called "Asset Giving info"
  2. Create a DataView, "Large Donors over age 55"
  3. Make a plan of how to email this group every November

Add a new System Email called "Asset Giving info"

Here's the Template:

Subject: Giving Assets to {{ 'Global' | Attribute:'OrganizationName' }}

{{ 'Global' | Attribute:'EmailHeader' }}

<p>This email is for donors who have assets and retirement plans and want to know how they can use those to bless the church. Sometimes arranging to give an asset or a retirement plan withdrawal directly to the church can save taxes.</p>

<h3>Donating Required Minimum Distributions</h3>

<p>The IRS requires tax-deferred retirement accounts to make a minimum distribution starting at age 70 1/2. The required distribution is likely to count as income. But steps can be taken before the end of the year to donate the required minimum distribution to a charity (like {{ 'Global' | Attribute:'OrganizationName' }}). If this interests you, <a href="mailto:{{ 'Global' | Attribute:'OrganizationEmail' }}?subject=More into about Required Minimum Distributions&body=I'm replying to your email about Required Minimum Distributions. Please send me more info">Click Here</a></p>

<h3>Donating Retirement Plans</h3>

<p>Some retirement plans allow deferring taxes (IRAs, Keoghs, 401k and 403b plans), but balance in the account might be taxed at high levels upon death. If you want more info on designating {{ 'Global' | Attribute:'OrganizationName' }} as a retirement plan beneficiary <a href="mailto:{{ 'Global' | Attribute:'OrganizationEmail' }}?subject=More into about Donating Retirement Plans&body=I'm replying to your email about Donating Retirement Plans. Please send me more info">Click Here</a>.</p>

<h3>Donating Stock</h3>

<p>Do you have stock that you'd like to donate directly to the church without selling it first? <a href="mailto:{{ 'Global' | Attribute:'OrganizationEmail' }}?subject=More into about Donating Stock&body=I'm replying to your email about Donating Stock. Please send me more info">Click Here</a></p>

<h3>Estate planning gifts</h3>

<p>You can write us into your will by specifying a defined amount or by specifying "and what remains should go to {{ 'Global' | Attribute:'OrganizationName' }}". If this interests you talk to your estate attorney.</p>


<p>That was a lot to cover! We thank you for your giving and partnership in all the different ways you give.</p>

<p>May God's blessing be upon you and your family!</p>

{{ 'Global' | Attribute:'EmailFooter' }}

PLEASE CUSTOMIZE THAT EMAIL FOR YOUR CHURCH. This email copy is designed to be so unspecific as to work for most churches.

[ ] Notice how every call to action is to email you again for more information. That's a "backstop default" call to action, but if you already have the information, put that in the email. Do you have a point person for these questions? Add their name and email address.

[ ] There are other ways to accept asset gifts like Charitable Remainder Trusts. If you know what that is, add that to this email!

[ ] In the Rock System Email setup you can set a From Name or From Email, maybe you could send this from a particular staff member which would be more effective than the default church email. (Get their permission first!)

Create a DataView for "Large Donors over age 55"

  1. Name the DataView, probably something like "Large Donors over age 55"
  2. Choose a category
  3. Applies To Person
  4. Filter Type -> Giving Amount -> Greater Than or Equal To -> Amount $3000 -> Date Range -> Previous 12 Months
  5. Click Add Filter -> Filter Type -> Age -> Greater Than or Equal To 55
  6. Click Add Filter -> Filter Type -> Person Fields -> Email Preference = Email Allowed
  7. Click Add Filter -> Filter Type -> Person Fields -> Age Classification = Adult
  8. Save

Make a Plan to send this each November

I recommend November because it gives time for donors to take action before the tax year ends.

I recommend sending it every year to the whole list. For years many people will find this email irrelevant. But then in 2032 they find it relevant and write/call the church ready to transfer 100 Shares of GoogleAmazon*

So you can a reminder however you set reminders. It'd be great if the reminder was an organizational reminder not dependent on anyone individual who may not be around next year. So maybe set a recurring Meeting for multiple people every November 10 in your staff calendar to send this email.

How to test this

  1. Review the DataClip we made and browse the names. Does that look like the right data?
  2. Create a DataView for testing this of just you, or you and a few staff. Send an email to that DataView. Did you get the email? Does it look good? Do you like the copy? Do the links work?