The attached workflow allows you to Create groups in mass under the same parent group.  It will increment your group names by 01 every group based on the parameter you give it when you run the workflow. (It only goes to 100, but that could be manipulated if needed)

When you run the workflow it will ask for you to input some data.  This is to allow flexibility in creating just 2 more groups or 100 groups.

It will ask your starting group number and your ending group number.  It will then use your starting group number to create a group with that number appended to the end and move up 1 number until it hits your ending group number.

The name of the group will be your prefix.  Table, Group, Bus, Cabin... whatever you want.  It will take what you put into that text field and add the number to the end.

Then choose your parent group where all the new groups will reside.

The tool automatically chooses the GroupType of the parent and applies it to the child, but it does allow for you to choose that on the second form or confirm that.  If you want to remove that just delete that action so it isn't confusing.

Done.  Watch your mass groups be created!