We wanted to make it easy for our staff to launch a zoom meeting with anyone in the church. 

-Big shout out to Tyler Kraft @hillside for helping figure this out/build this!

*NOTE: At least one person in your organization must have a pro Zoom account for this to work.

This workflow launches the meeting and sends an invitation to the person who's profile you are on via text or email. 

Attached is the workflow file. 

Here is what you need to do to implement this: 

1) Sign into Rock and got to Admin Tools > General Settings > Global Attributes 

2) Create a new global attribute called “Zoom API JWT”. It’s going to be a “Text” Field Type and the Key should be “ZoomAPIJWT”. 

 3) Head on over to https://marketplace.zoom.us and sign in 

 4) Click on Develop -> Build App 


5) Select “Create” on the JWT Card (Mine doesn’t say “Create” Because I’ve already created one.) 

Build an app that supports server-.png

6) Fill out the app information. This won’t be published so it shouldn’t matter much. Once you’re done with this page you’re going to click the “Continue” button.

7) The next screen is App Credentials. Here you’re going to want to click “View JWT Token” and then click Expire in: “Other” and then set the expiration as a date 10 years from now. You can go longer if you’d like. After that you’re going to click “Copy” and paste the web token into the “Zoom API JWT” global attribute that you created earlier. 


8) We’re not using webhooks so you can click through until you get to the “Activation” page. Once there you’ll just want to activate the app so your Zoom JSON Web Token works. You’re done in the Zoom Developer stuff so you can close the browser window if you want. 

9) Import the workflow. You will need to select what number you want the texts to come from in the "Send Invitation" activity.

10) Add this button to the "Bio" block on the person profile. Add this to the "Custom Content" section of that block. **Replace the number 40 with the Workflow Id of the above workflow that you imported.

<a class="btn btn-primary" href="https://YOUR URL/WorkflowEntry/40?Person={{Context.Person.PrimaryAlias.Guid}}" role="button"><i class="fas fa-video"></i> Zoom Call {{Context.Person.NickName}}</a>

11) It's ready to go! Click the button and you will see the following form:

Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 4.38.10 PM.png

You can set the subject of the meeting and how you want the person to receive the invitation. 

When you click "Meet Now" it will launch you into the zoom meeting. 

Just wait for the invited person to click their link and you're golden!