Want to track new people in Rock? Want a simple way to for them to fill out their information? Well, here is another recipe that should help you do just that.

Just like our new believer workflow, this has become even more important now due to the virus causing everything to go online.

What the user experiences

  1. During our pre-show, we tell people that they can text "NEW" to our shortcode if they are first time guests.
  2. They get a response that includes a short welcome message and a link to a simple form so we can get some basic information.
  3. After they fill out the form, they see a new page with a graphic and some text that says
    Because you are our honored guest, we will be sending you an Emmanuel t-shirt to show our appreciation."
  4. If they choose any of the "I'd like more information on" choices, it will start a connection request.
  5. If they choose the online campus, they will not see the message above, but a simple Thank You page.

Making it work

Step 1 - The Workflow Attributes

You can click this link to download the JSON file and import the workflow. You will need to change some things which I will go over below.

  1. Import the workflow
  2. Edit the Connection Opportunity attribute. If you don't have a connection set up already, you will need to do that.
  3. Save your workflow

Step 2 - The Defined Type

You will need to create your SMS keyword in Defined Types > Text to Workflow

  1. Add your shortcode to the Value field
  2. Add a description if needed
  3. Add your keyword expression
  4. Choose the workflow you just imported
  5. Add the Workflow Name Template. Ex: Message From: {{FromPerson.FullName }}
  6. Add the Workflow Attributes like the image below:
  7. Click Save

Step 3 - Create The Form Page

This will be the main form page that you will send to the person after they text "NEW".

  1. Go to Admin Tools > CMS Configutaion
  2. Choose Pages
  3. Create a new page in the place of your choosing
  4. Give it a Name, Title, etc. based on how you manage pages in Rock
  5. Add the block "Workflow Entry" to your page
  6. Choose the Setting on the block and choose the workflow you just imported
  7. Press Save

Step 4 - Create The Free Gift Page

This is the page they will see after they fill out the form letting them know we are mailing them a free gift.

  1. Follow steps 1-4 above
  2. Create a header graphic or add some kind of header area where you can add the "Free gift" text.
  3. Press Save

Step 5 - Create The Online Thank You Page (optional)

This is the page online campus people will see after they complete the form. We do not send online viewers a free t-shirt

  1. Follow steps 1-4 above
  2. Create a header graphic or add some kind of header area where you can add a more generic "Thank You" message.
  3. Press Save

Step 6 - Edit The Workflow

In the step, you will edit the rest of the workflow.

  1. Go to the "Process Message" activity and edit the "Respond to Person" action. Edit the message to whatever you want to say and paste the link to the form page you created in Step 2.
  2. I have added some basic Bootstrap styling to the form. So, if you don't use Bootstrap, you will need to remove or edit that.
  3. Edit the two redirects to go to the two confirmation pages you created in steps 4 and 5. You will need to replace our campus codes with your own.
  4. Edit the "Email Campus Pastor" action with your campuses and campus pastor email addresses. Edit the subject and email body.
  5. We experienced that some people don't fill out the form right away. So, we added the "Reminder after two days" activity. The only thing you will want to edit is the message. We just changed the message slightly.