The RockRMS Connection Request system includes a powerful feature which allows the Connector to set the state of a request to Future Follow Up. This removes the request from the listing of requests until the Follow-up Date. The only negative of this system is that the Connector would need to go into the listing every day to see if a future follow up request has come due. We created a connection request future follow up due date notification which sends a reminder to the connector on that Follow-up Date.

Here is what how it works:

We created a simple workflow called Connections Notification - Future Follow Up (export attached).

We installed the free plugin from Southeast Christian Church called Workflow Launcher.

We created a Rock job that runs at 7 am each day which uses the Workflow Launcher to run an instance of the Connection Notification - Future Follow Up workflow for each row returned in the following SQL query. Each request in the future follow up state and due today will be included in this query result.


    Id AS ConnectionRequestId

    ,PersonAliasId AS RequesterPersonAliasId

    ,ConnectionOpportunityId AS OpportunityType



 FROM ConnectionRequest

 WHERE ConnectionState = '2' AND CONVERT(varchar,FollowupDate,1) = CONVERT(varchar, getdate(), 1)