A simple report that gives users more insight into the status of their Checkr background checks.


Because of the delayed nature of Checkr background checks (you have no control over when the candidate actually clicks that email and starts the process), or how long it will take the check to come back (especially if you're doing Pro checks)... it's easy to lose track of where your check is in the process, or remembering if you even submitted it for a particular candidate.

While this report is similar to the Checkr Request List block that ships with Rock (and found on a page under Admin | System Settings | Checkr), this report works better for our needs... particularly because the people that need to use it (those that request the background checks) do not need to see the actual BGC report... they just need to know the status.


This is a super-simple Dynamic Data report that queries the Checkr workflow instances for useful information.

  1. Add a new page under your People menu (or wherever you want) and call it Background Check Status or similar. Secure it as appropriate for your environment.
  2. Add a Dynamic Data Block to the page.
  3. Edit the block and add this SQL to the Query
    select w.Name AS [BGC Requested For], w.ActivatedDateTime AS [Start Date], w.Status, w.CompletedDateTime AS [Completed Date], p.FirstName + ' ' + p.LastName AS [Requester], (DATEDIFF(hour, w.ActivatedDateTime, w.CompletedDateTime)) As [~Hours to Completion]
    from Workflow w
    join PersonAlias pa ON (w.InitiatorPersonAliasId = pa.Id)
    join Person p ON (pa.PersonId  = p.Id)
    where w.WorkflowTypeId = 65
    order by w.ActivatedDateTime DESC
  4. Change the WorkflowTypeId from 65 to whatever YOUR WorkflowTypeId is. You can see this in the querystring when you go to Admin | General Settings | Workflow Configuration | Safety & Security | Background Check. Make sure you choose the Checkr workflow, not the PMM one, and note the WorkflowTypeId in the querystring.
  5. Leave everything else disabled except Excel Export (optional) and Show Grid Filter = Yes

Save the page, and you should see a report that looks similar to this: Background_Check_Status_Report.png

Because you enabled Show Grid Filter, you can filter the results on most of the columns: BGC_Filters.png