With everything happening virtually these days, some of our ministries still needed a way to track who is actually attending their classes and events. Since the normal check-in process wasn't an option, I came up with a new Remote Self Check-In process.

Please let me know in the comments below if I missed anything, if you see something that could be done more efficiently, or if you just make any cool adjustments or improvements!

What's Involved

  • Workflow: Remote Check-In
  • Lava Shortcode: Check-In Countdown
  • Lava Shortcode: Check-In Is Active
  • Page: Remote Check-In

The Check-In Process

The class/event attendees should be given a URL to the Remote Check-In page. The page URL will include a GroupID parameter so that the workflow knows which group they're checking in to.

When it's time to check in, the attendee will click on that link to go to the check-in page. There they will verify that they're checking into the correct group/schedule, check the I'm Here! checkbox (to reduce accidental check-ins) and then click the Check-In button.

The workflow will then add the person to the group if they're not already in it, and create an attendance record for them.

How To

  1. Download the attached zip file below and extract it on your computer
  2. Create two new Lava Shortcodes using the details in the .txt files
  3. Import the Remote Check-In workflow using the .json file
  4. Edit the workflow to customize it to work for your organization:
    • Validation messages can be found under Initialize Activity > Validate Parameters Action > Lava
    • The HTML for the Attendee and Group details can be found under Show Check-In Form Activity > Show Check-In Form Action > Form Header
    • You'll also need to update the login page URL under Fail: Redirect to Login Activity > Redirect to Login Action > Url
  5. Create a new page under your external website
    • Set up the page however you like, but make sure you enter a page route that includes a GroupID parameter

      Remote Check-In page route
  6. Set the page permissions so only logged in users can view it:

    Remote Check-In page permissions
  7. Optionally add an HTML Content block to the Main zone and add any header text and instructional text you want to display to that block
  8. Add a Workflow Entry block to the Main zone
    • Set Workflow Type to the workflow that you imported earlier
    • Set Show Summary View to No
  9. All done! Just test it out by going to the page with a valid group ID in the URL

Other Details

  • The group must be active and have an active schedule selected under Meeting Details
  • The schedule can be Weekly, Custom or Named
  • Check-in is only allowed during the defined check-in window
  • If the schedule doesn't have check-in start/end values, the default is 30 min before and after the scheduled start time
  • The attendee must be logged in to check in

Follow Up

Please don't hesitate to leave a comment or hit me up on Rock Chat (@JeffRichmond) if you have questions or find any issues with this recipe.

Change Log

  • 2020-05-29 - Initial version