On 8.5, Rock added a new Family Pre-Registration block which is available under the Connect tab on the Demo site (I'm upgrading from 7.5 8.5 next week so I can't confirm if the page appears when you update or if it needs to be added). While the block will automatically create the family members when the form is submitted, our church can make an even better first impression for first-time visitors if our Kid's staff is notified that someone new is coming.

In this workflow, I configured an email to be sent to a single staff member containing the campus, planned visit date, and a link to the family group.

To start, create a workflow that is automatically persisted with these Workflow Attributes:

  • Planned Visit Date: Date Field Type -- (the Key must be PlannedVisitDate for this to work)
  • Family: Group Field Type -- (the Key I used is Family)
  • Email Body: Memo Field Type -- (you can skip this and put the code directly into the email if preferred. I started with a more complicated email, hence the complicated structure)
  • Family Id: Text Field Type -- (the Key I used is FamilyId)

Note: If you would like the email to go to a different staff member depending on the campus they are visiting, you will need an additional Workflow Attribute and Action (more details below)

These are the Workflow Actions you need to create:

    Action Name Action Type Action Configurations
    Set Family Attribute Attribute Set from Entity Entity is Required is Yes, Used Id instead of Guid is No, store the attribute in Family
    Set Family Id Attribute Set from Entity Entity is Required is Yes, User Is instead of Guid is Yes, store the attribute in Family Id
    Get Family Info (if using Email Body memo field) Lava Run Enter the following under Lava: "The {{ Workflow | Attribute:'Family' }} just pre-registered to visit the {% assign groupname = Workflow | Attribute:'Family' %}{{ groupname. Campus.Name | Upcase }} on {{ Workflow | Attribute:'PlannedVisitDate' }}. < a href="http://rock.rocksolidchurchdemo.com/page/113?GroupId={{ Workflow | Attribute:'FamilyId' }}">Click here to view the family's record >." (I added spaces in the a tag so it would display for you)
    This will be stored in the Email Body attribute.
    Send Email to Staff Email Send Email body is {{ Workflow | Attribute:'EmailBody' }} or the data above if you are pasting the lava directly into the Email Body.

    If you need to include information about the family within your Workflow Email, you can reference the family group as an object using an assign statement such as {% assign familygroup = Workflow | Attribute:'Family','Object' %}

    For example, you could include the Family Member Names, Group Roles, and the Age/Grade of the Children with the Lava below. Feel free to add in your own custom Person Attributes as well!

    {% assign Group = Workflow | Attribute:'Family','Object' %} {% for Member in Group.Members %} <li>{{ Member.Person.FullName }} -- {{ Member.GroupRole.Name }} {% if Member.GroupRole.Name == 'Child' %} <br>{% if Member.Person.Grade != '' %}Grade: {{ Member.Person.Grade }}<br>{% endif %} Age: {{ Member.Person.Age }} {% if Member.Person.Age == '0' %} (DOB: {{ Member.Person.BirthDate | Date:'MM/dd/yyyy' }}){% endif %}<br> {% endif %}</li> {% endfor %}

    Once your workflow is done, you must configure your new workflow on the block settings of the Family Pre-Registration block. Do that by selecting your workflow under "Workflow Types". Now, your workflow will automatically run every time a form is submitted via the Family Pre-Registration block! (See the screenshot attached for a visual reference)

    If you would like to send an email to a different recipient depending on the Campus, you must add the following Workflow Attribute and Action
    • Campus Name: Text Field Type -- (Key used is CampusName)
    Action Name Action Type Action Configuration
    Set Campus Name Attribute Set Attribute Value Use this lava to set the Campus Name Attribute: "{% assign groupname = Workflow | Attribute:'Family' %}{{ groupname. Campus.Name }}"

    Make one copy of the Email Send action for each campus that you have, and specify the recipient for each campus. Then, click the Filter button in the top right of each Email Send action with these configurations:

    • Run If = Campus Name
    • Equal To
    • Text Value = whatever campus name correlates with that recipient