There may be times when you want to clear a particular user's saved Rock preferences. This includes things like their filter settings on various pages, or selected grid sizes, etc. We've needed to do this, for example, when a user set their grid size to 5,000 and that particular page is timing out so they can't get back to change their grid size back to 50. We've also seen users get this error that seems to sometimes be related to their saved filter settings:


Clearing their preferences seems to fix this issue for them too (we haven't figured out why yet though).

So to make it easy to clear a user's preferences, we created a workflow that can be launched from the Actions menu on a person's profile. If you import the attached workflow using  the Admin Tools > Power Tools > Workflow Import/Export  feature, and then edit the "Workflow Actions" setting on the Bio block on the person profile page to include this workflow, you can then easily clear any user's preferences: