Watch this demo video to see what we are creating.

This recipe will create what I demo'd above. The Workflow and Attribute Matrix could be modified for your process. This is a pretty simple version. If you would like to have what I demo'd follow the steps below.

I am always happy to help and the best place to reach me is in the Chat community.

Step One: Create an Attribute Matrix called "PR Items" by going to Admin > General Settings > Attribute Matrix Templates. Create an item attribute for each of the lines below. Make sure to match keys and Field Types.

Attribute Key Field Type
Account Number Account Integer
Campus Campus Campus
Description Description1 Text
Quantity Quantity Integer
Price Each PriceEach Currency
Line Total Line Total Currency

Step Two: Decide where you want receipt images to go. Create file type for Receipt Images by going to Admin>General Settings>File Types and adding a new file type. Call it PR Receipts or whatever name you'd like.
I am not a database expert by any means but I would highly recommend offloading these images to somewhere other than your Rock Server. Consider using AWS, Cloudinary, Azure or another storage method. This Recipe will not go into setting up storage providers.

Step Three: Import the workflow. Here is a link to the workflow.

Step Four: Explore the workflow to see what it does and how it works and make changes accordingly.

  1. Change the Items Purchased Attribute to the Attribute Matrix you selected.
  2. Pick who PR's are submitted to in your organization and set that person in the workflow attributes on the Finance Worker Attribute.
  3. Decide if you want the list of credit cards in your organization(defined type) or just a text field where they enter that each time. If you want a list of credit cards go to defined types and create a new defined type called Credit Cards and begin adding credit cards. Then on the workflow find the workflow attribute called Credit Cards and choose the defined type you created. If you want to have a field they enter the credit card scroll down to the user entry form and uncheck view/editable/pre-html/post-html for Credit Cards and check view/editable/pre-html/post-html for the Last four of CC.
  4. Go to workflow attributes and for each of the receipt 1-5 attributes add the file type that you created above.

Here is a complete walkthrough step by step of setting this up on the rock demo site.