The Group Schedule Status Board is a handy tool on ROCK, but our church needed an easy way to print the page. The default page is not very printer-friendly, and cuts off a lot of the schedule. This print button uses javascript to write open a blank page, write a printer-friendly version of the schedule to that page, and then calls the print command.


  1. On the Group Schedule Status Board page, go into the page zones, and above the main zone in a zone called "Feature Zone" add a new page block and call it something like "Print Button", leaving the block type as "HTML Content". Save this change.
  2. Go into the block editor, and edit the Print Button block. Copy and paste the following code: GroupSchedulerPrintButton.txt
  3. Before clicking save, change the variable at the very top called "databaseURL". Make the URL the URL of your database with no slash at the end.
  4. Done!

*if it isn't working, you may have to check that the css files are in the default directory. This is a bit more advanced, but to check what I would do is to test loading the css by copying and pasting the URL such as "" and see if that is loading or not.