Maybe you find yourself like us in the midst of COVID with a lot of new visitors to church. With lots of new visitors and lots of new volunteer team members it has become more and more important for our volunteers to be identifiable. 

Up to this point we have not done name tags with our volunteers, being a small as we are, but we are ready to launch into name tags. 

When I first started working on this I was stuck. Thanks to Ben Murphy, for all his help, this recipe is his brain child. 

Step 1

Person Attributes: We needed to create a few person attributes to put on our label. I will use one, as an example but you could use any that you would like. 

Create a person attribute. General Settings> Person Attributes> + new attribute 


Make sure your key is what you would like it to be. The Key is the most important part here. We chose Boolean that way everyone would default to false, then we could change it to true on certain types. 

Step 2: Create a Label Merge Field 

Checkin> Label Merge Field> Add a new one 


The merge field here is saying that the person attribute of translator if it is marked as true that it needs to mark it on the label. 

MERGE FIELD:  {% assign personTranslator = Person | Attribute:'Translator' %}{% if personTranslator == 'True' %}Habla Español{% endif %}

Step 4: Create Check In Label 

We used the Name tag Label, but you could start from scratch 

General Settings >Checkin Labels>Name Tag 

First, you will add a Merge Code that indicates the Label Merge Field 


Step 5: Edit Label Contents 

Press the edit label contents 

Add this line to the end of your label or wherever you would like it 


 The end of this line is what tells it to place the label merge field. 

This is obviously fully customizable. 

Optional Step:

This part was 100% Ben Murphy, I love the idea of putting a greeting at the top of our name tag so if you'd like to do that. Here is the Code we use, feel free to copy it or make your own. 








^FT14,75^A0N,40,55^FH\^FDWelcome To Lighthouse Church!^FS







This will render this:


Please feel free to shoot me questions in slack. I am by no means an expert, but I'd love to help if possible. You can find me on Rocket Chat.