So after this pandemic started we had to really change with how we do ministry. We've never had live services before and I'm sure many of you, like us, do now. What about your adult classes? How would you do that? Well we have always had in person, on campus classes until a couple months ago and I wanted to show you how we have adapted our in person classes to an online format. I've put together a video that outlined how we did our online classes and I'll share a few things I learned along the way.

There are a few things that I used to bring some of the things together and I would like to point them out.

  • The Rock Community. If you're not involved you should be. There is a wealth of knowledge and willingness to help
  • check-in active shortcode
  • notie.js for check-in confirmation notifications

I've included my check-in page lava file for those who would like to do something similar. Please note that it is specific to how I have set things up and will not work out of the box for you as there's lots of specific attributes on both groups and content channels that it pulls from.

The piece of lava that will be of help when going from a content channel item to your group follows. Remember the attribute of this assign statement needs to be whatever you named your group attribute on your content channel item. This can be used on a content channel view block and will set the group for each child item so you can display it. It is similarly used on a Content Channel Item View block if you need to reference the group, the exception is you don't need the loop and item.... becomes Item....

{% for item in Items %}
{% assign group = item.ChildItems[0].ChildContentChannelItem.ContentChannel | Attribute:'Group','Object' %}
{% endfor %}

On the Content Channel Item Detail page you would use the following replacing the Group Attribute with the name of your attribute.

{% assign group = Item.ContentChannel | Attribute:'Group','Object' %}

Another useful piece is the one that gets you from your group to your content channel. We use this in our group leader toolbox and in our daily class reminder email that provides a link to the class content. The piece below comes from our group leader toolbox lava.

{% assign guid = Group.Guid %}
{% assign g = guid | GroupByGuid %}
{% assign cc = g | Attribute:'ContentChannelItem' %}
{% if cc != '' %}
    {% contentchannelitem where:'Title == "{{ cc }}"' %}
        {% for channel in contentchannelitemItems %}
            {%- capture class -%}{{ 'Global' | Attribute:'PublicApplicationRoot' }}class/{{ channel.ItemGlobalKey }}{%- endcapture -%}
            {% assign contentchannel = channel %}
        {% endfor %}
    {% endcontentchannelitem %}
{% endif %}

I've included the workflow that will check a person in as well. It's usage is straight forward but do keep in mind that the page that this is ran from should have security set to All Authenticated Users. The workflow expects guids as the input for attributes( ) and my check-in lava file sets this up.

{% workflowactivate workflowtype:'191' workflowname:'{{ person.Id}} Online Check-In' Person:'{{ p }}' Group:'{{ g }}' %}{% endworkflowactivate %}