This is how to use a workflow to send information to Zapier. Zapier then serves as the main way to integrate with other products. One use case, that came out of a Q&A, would be to send your financial transactions from a workflow to zapier then to quickbooks. This recipe will only include some very basic instructions.

Note: The manual on workflows does a great job explaining how to receive a webhook and apply it into a workflow. So you can also have Zapier send info from another program (i.e. A form app, Stripe, Planning Center Online, etc.)

 Step 1: Setup a Zapier account

• they offer a free “starter” plan for nonprofits allowing you to do more complex ZAPS. You will need at least the “starter” level to use this recipe.

 Step 2: Create a Zap that will receive your webhook

1. Select to create a new Zap

2. Under “1. When this happens…” search for “webhooks By Zapier”

3. Catch Hook

Step 3: Create a workflow that will send to that hook

• I’ve attached a basic workflow with 2 attributes that have a “default value” of test1 and test2. Then I have one action that sends this information to Zapier.  

That should be it. If you have any questions let me know and I’ll expand this.