With COVID, many churches are implementing room thresholds for the first time. Because Rock filters thresholds silently, there's no way to know from the check-in interface if a kid has been filtered out of a full room or because there's some sort of error with the family data.

While more elegant solutions are possible, a simple solution is to tweak the way Rock checks thresholds. By default Rock checks initially (when showing the family members) and at the end (when writing attendance). By disabling the first check and enforcing the second, the process is clarified for the user while still getting the advantage of threshold limits.

  • First, make sure that all of your rooms have thresholds set correctly. Go to Admin Tools > General Settings > Named Locations and ensure that each room has a value in the "Threshold" box, not the "Threshold (Absolute)" box.
  • Next, navigate to Admin Tools > General Settings > Workflow Configuration > Check-In > Unattended Check-In. Edit the workflow.
  • Choose the Person Search Activity and the Filter Locations by Threshold Action.
  • Change Remove from "Yes" to "No." This will prevent the Check-In workflow from filtering based on thresholds at this point.


  • Now choose the Save Attendance Activity and the Save Attendance Action.
  • Change Enforce Strict Location Threshold from "No" to "Yes." This will prevent people from checking into a full room. If appropriate, change the Lava to reflect what you want shown.


  • Save your workflow and you'll be ready to go!