We have found that sending a text message a day or two before an event to those registered helps create a great source of two way engagement.  Our event text messages create a way for guests to feel known and gives them an opportunity to reply with any questions they may have. Depending on the event, or depending on what specifics the person registered for, the text messages provide us the opportunity to give our guests any needed information prior to the event (like view online links, if needed).

In order to accomplish this, I created a workflow that is triggered off each event registration. You will need an SMS Phone Number set up through Twilio in order to send the text message.

Because we wanted to send the text messages to each 'Registrant' on an event registration instead of the single 'Registrar', we needed to create a loop within the workflow to gather each registrant.

Loops can be a bit tricky, but Mark Wampler did a great talk at VRX2020 on the topic and I learned alot. I would recommend you watch it if you have a subscription. https://www.rockrms.com/vrx/ondemand/workflow-looping

In Marks video he does a great job of explaining why each action of the loop is needed and what they do.

Attached to this recipe is the workflow I created.
Note: In the [Looping Activity] you will need to change the [From] number on the [Send Text] action.

I built this workflow with the intent of it being loaded in to a registration instance. However, you could build the workflow and fire it off manually using the workflow launch options based on a list of people within your event registration. By building it within the registration instance, it will fire off after each registration is made.

Before you get started be sure to set up your Attributes:


Below is a quick overview of what the 2 activities will look like:

Activity 1: Start


Activity 2: Looping Activity