Recently I started looking at some processes that our team was manually updating. I started looking for low hanging fruit and ways to take manual work and automate it.


In our old process, an applicant would apply for a Camp Scholarship using a workflow. This workflow would build a Benevolence Request and assign a Case Worker. The workflow would notify the Case Worker to start working the request.

In order to customize our Benevolence Requests a bit, I added 2 Benevolence Attributes. These attributes will get used in a second workflow.

  • Minor Applicant Name - This will store the text name of the person (typically a minor) that the applicant is applying aid on behalf of.
  • Event Name - This will store the text name of the event the applicant is applying for.

If you are interested in that workflow, I have linked it here:


A note about that workflow:

  • Attribute: Approver Group - This attribute was designed to select a group of people from a specific campus who should be notified that the request came in.  These groups are named the same as our Campus Names.

Using the above workflow, we were able to build a digital financial aid request form.  That form builds the request in Benevolence and notifies our team.


The next thing that our staff needed to do was notify someone on our team to issue a discount code to camp based on their financial aid request approval. So I automated that process as well.

I built a workflow that collects information from the benevolence request, and sends a designated group of people an email letting them know financial assistance has been approved. 

In order to customize our Benevolence Requests, I added 1 Benevolence Attributes. This attribute allows our team to reference discount codes later.

  • Discount Code - This will store the text issued as a discount code in this workflow.

If you are interested in that workflow, I have linked it here:


A note about that workflow:

  • The designated group of people who are notified that a request was approved are assigned in the [Action] called: Assign Activity.
  • Someone from the approval group needs to click [Promo Code Issued] from the email they receive.

From there the following things will happen:

  • Benevolence Request Status will change
  • A Discount Code is built within an event registration
  • The Discount Code is added back to the Benevolence Request
  • An email is sent to the applicant letting them know they have been issued a discount code.

Hopefully a workflow like this helps create some ideas that will help you and your church!