What are we doing? Adding a simple message to your Check-in Welcome screen

This is a simple way to add a quick and dirty non-dynamic message for your families that are going to be checking kids in. Whether it's to remind them about an upcoming event, donation/fundraising drive deadline, or any other needed message.

All of the mad props go to Matt Coulter and Craig Mashburn who had the idea to add dynamic ads with the Content Channel View Block in Slack before it had turned to Rocket.Chat! First note of many: this type of block can likely be used, but the check-in themes will need to be tweaked to allow for it.

Let's dive in!

  1. Add an HTML block to the Check-in -> Welcome page and sort it above the existing Welcome block.

  2. Edit the new HTML block Content:
    • You can either use the wysiwyg or code editor to add your content as you see fit. I'd suggest wrapping a div around your content in order to help align and move your content easier.
    • <div style="margin-top: 50px;">
      --your content here--
    • Optional: Set the display date(s) from and to as needed to control the length of time this block will be displayed.
      Check-in_KidsAd_Step0.JPG Check-in_KidsAd_Step1.JPG

  3. Edit the HTML block Advanced settings:
    • Set your content's width and height.
      Note: If you don't set these values the auto margin does not know how to apply itself properly and you will get a left justified content area.
    • <div style="width: 000px; height: 000px; margin: 0 auto;">

  4. Edit the Welcome (Welcome) Block -> Advanced Settings -> Pre-HTML:
    • You may need to slightly push down the START button in order to fit your ad.
    • <style>
          .js-start-button-container {
            margin-top: 400px;
    • Note: Depending on your ad size this is an optional step. Be careful of moving this block around too much as this depends on your physical touch screen display's resolution size and could cause the button to because lost.

TLDR; I just want to watch the 6 minute how-to video!


You've just learned to tinker with a forbidden page in RockRMS! Just kidding, RockRMS is meant to be played with, so have fun you rascals! Go ahead kid, kick that tire!

Final notey-note: Unless you've made an entire copy of your Check-in page tree and/or Check-in site, this little workaround will very likely get overwritten during any future RockRMS version upgrade. You've been warned. Save your custom code elsewhere for reference, or better yet, make a copy of the Check-in site and pages first before you start banging on the merchandise.