Notify Connectors (Lay Leaders) via text message with link to MyConnection request. The short link can be used in a text message and will open the connection request on a phone; it auto logs the person in and will expire in a set number of days. This could also be used internally for staff notifications as well, but we are currently just using it with the external access. 

We created a page on our External Portal with the My Connections block on it with a button to access it from the My Account Page.

This requires "Expiring Short Links" This is a great addition for other uses as well. You can set the expiration days (default is 30) and it will clean up your Short Links that get created.

Add in Short Link Time-Bomb workflow created by Michael Allen. You can access the JSON file below.  


Create a Lava Shortcode:



Shortcode Markup: 

{%- assign tokenLength = length | AsInteger -%}
{%- assign link = url | CreateShortLink:'',0,true,tokenLength -%}
{%- workflowactivate workflowtype:'115' workflowName:'{{ url | Url:'LocalPath' }}' LinkToken:'{{ link | AsString | Right:tokenLength }}' ExpireDays:'{{ expire }}' %}{% endworkflowactivate -%}
{{- link -}}

Lava Shortcode for My Connections Link with PersonToken


Shortcode Markup: (update your URL and Page for External Connections access.)

https://YourExternalRockURL/page/988?ConnectionRequestId={{ Workflow | Attribute:'ConnectionRequest','Id' }}&ConnectionOpportunityId={{ Workflow | Attribute:'ConnectionRequest','ConnectionOpportunityId' }}&rckipid={{ Person | PersonTokenCreate }}

Workflow action that notifies a connector upon assignment and sends the text message with link to external MyConnections page.



{{ Workflow | Attribute:'Connector', 'NickName' }} you have been assigned a College Connect Card for {{ Workflow | Attribute:'Requester', 'FullName' }}. Please reach out to them within 24 hrs. {% capture thelink %}{[ link_MyConnections ]}{% endcapture %} {[ TemporaryShortLink url:thelink expire:'7' ]}