I don't know about you, but sometimes it seems like we spend more time than we should approving content items. Recently, we had a situation where all of the items in a specific content channel were inadvertently set to 'Pending Approval' and we needed to update them all back to 'Approved'. Rather than click on each one individually and adjust the status, we took 15 minutes and wrote a quick workflow to accomplish the task in half the time. 

The attached workflow can be launched via the Workflow Launcher, which is only available when you view the content channel items via the CMS Configuration Screen (and then click on Content Channels and your selected channel), and NOT through the Content manager. 

Here's how we created the workflow:

1. Create the workflow (or import the attachment) and then add ONE attribute to the workflow of Field Type TEXT. This will be designed to store the Content Item Guid when the workflow is launched. 


2. Add an activity and then an Action Type of 'Attribute Set from Entity'. This is available because the Content Channel Item entity is passed when the workflow is launched. 


3. Add an Action Type of 'Entity Property Set'. We will use this action to change the status of the Content Channel Item. See the second screenshot for the values of the statuses. 



4. Add a Complete Workflow Action Type. 


5. Save!

6. Launch Your Workflow!!! You can then LAUNCH the workflow by hovering over the toolbox to open the Admin Tools menu, clicking on CMS Configuration and then Content Channels. Select the content channel you are working with and use the Filter Options screen to ensure you have the correct items in the grid. Then, click on the workflow launcher icon (the gear). On the next screen, select your workflow from the dropdown and click Launch! The workflow will now launch for each of the content channel items you had in your grid and will update the status to Approved (or whatever you set your value to in Step 3 above). Note that it sometimes takes a few minutes for the workflows to fire, and be careful updating a lot of items all at once!