Every once in a while a person record is deactivated when it probably shouldn't have been. It can be be caused by the data automation job, human error, or a staff member trying to demonstrate how signals work by adding the most severe signal to their own profile, forgetting that the signal is set up to automatically deactivate the profile and lock them out of Rock. That last one was purely hypothetical.

No matter how it happens, reverting an accidental deactivation can be a tedious process, especially when the person is a member of a large number of groups and security roles. This recipe attempts to automate the process with a new workflow type that reactivates a specified person record as well as all of their associated group memberships that have been deactivated on or after a specified date.


This one's pretty simple... just import the Reactivate Person workflow type using the attached JSON file and it should be ready to use.

  1. Download the file using the Download File button at the bottom of this recipe
  2. Go to Admin Tools > Power Tools > Workflow Import/Export
  3. Click the File upload field and browse to the JSON file you downloaded
  4. Choose a Category for the new workflow type. We chose Data Integrity, but you can put it where ever you want
  5. Click Import and wait for it to finish

All done! Go to Admin Tools > General Settings > Workflow Configuration and take the new workflow type for a spin.

Optional: Security

Depending on your situation/preferences, you may want to restrict who is allowed to run the new workflow type. We chose to deny view permission to all users except Rock Admins.

To set permissions, go to Admin Tools > General Settings > Workflow Configuration. Browse to the Reactivate Person workflow type and click the security button (). Set the View permissions as you see fit. For ours we set RSR - Rock Administration to Allow and All Users to Deny.

Optional: Actions Menu

The workflow is built so that it can either be run manually or can be triggered from the person profile Actions menu.

  1. Go to a person profile (doesn't matter who)
  2. Hover your cursor at the bottom of the page and click the Block Configuration button () in the admin bar
  3. Scroll up to the Bio block, hover your cursor over the configuration arrow () and then click the Block Properties button ()
  4. Click the Workflow Actions field, select Reactivate Person in the list, and then click the Select button
  5. Scroll down, click Save and you're done!

Test it out by clicking the Actions menu at the top right and then click the Reactivate Person option

Follow Up

Please don't hesitate to leave a comment or hit me up on Rock Chat (@JeffRichmond) if you have questions or find any issues with this recipe.

Change Log

  • 2022-04-08 - Initial version