We needed a special tag print for certain kiddos with life-threatening medical conditions. We needed more space than was available on the name tag to print some instructions for volunteers in the event of an emergency. We created a conditional tag that is called a medical tag that will print out for those kiddos that the volunteers get on sundays when the kid arrives to the room.

This conditional tag idea could be used for any situation where you need an extra tag printed for specific kids or specific situations. 

Here is how to do it! 

1) Create a new Label Merge Field with the Label ZPL and some conditional Lava: 

*This lava says "If the person has a value in the Medical Notes attribute, print this tag." You can change that lava to test for a value in any attribute.

{% assign medical = Person | Attribute:'MedicalNotes' %}
{%if medical != empty %}
^FT150,150^A0N,30,30^FH\^FD {{Person.NickName}} {{Person.LastName}}^FS
^FT150,200^A0N,28,28^FH\^FDMedical Notes:^FS
^FT250,380^A0N,23,24^FH\^FDAllergy: {{Person | Attribute:'Allergy'}}^FS

2) Add this to the very bottom of an exisiting Check in label that prints for everyone(Ex: the Name Tag): ^FDMedical^FS

3) Add 'Medical' to the list of merge fields, and select the label merge field you created in step 1!


4) Then hit save! 

The next time a kid checks-in this is what will print: