There have been times when I want to send an email to a group of people, but I want them to know who else received the email.  Since group emails with everyone in the To field won't work, I wrote a lava shortcode that when present without an id, includes everyone who received the current communication.  If Id is present, you can actually include a list of people who received a different email. Here the recipe.

Create a Lava Shortcode:

    Name: Communication Recipient List

    Tag Name: recipients

    Tag Type: Inline

    Description: Creates an unordered list of recipients who received an email when it was sent.


            This shortcode gives a list of recipients when of an email at the time of sending. You may have to save the draft when you add new people.  

            {[ recipients ]} will give a bulleted list of the recipients of the current email.

            {[ recipients id:'#' ]} will give a bulleted list of recipients of a previous email.

            {[ recipients showemail:'true' ]} will include the person's email address in the list.


        {% if id == '' %}
        {% assign recipients = Communication.Recipients %}
        {% for personid in recipients %}
            {% assign person = personid.PersonAliasId | PersonByAliasId %}
            <li>{{person.NickName}} {{person.LastName }}{% if showemail == 'true' %} - {{person.Email}}{% endif %}</li>
        {% endfor %}
        {% else %}
        {% communicationrecipient Where:'CommunicationId =={{ id }}' %}
            {% for personinfo in communicationrecipientItems %}
            {% assign person = personinfo.PersonAlias.Person %}
                <li>{{person.NickName}} {{person.LastName }}{% if showemail == 'true' %} - {{person.Email}}{% endif %}</li>
            {% endfor %}
        {% endcommunicationrecipient %}
        {% endif %}


     id: blank
     showemail: false

Enabled Lava Commands: Rock Entity