This is a very simple recipe that adds two useful columns to the Jobs Administration grid.


It's a best practice to configure the various Rock Jobs found under Admin | System Settings | Jobs Administration to alert someone on Errors (or in come cases, All statuses) but it's not easy to see at-a-glance each job's Notification Status or which Notification Emails the alerts are being sent to.

We will simply add this information as two new columns on the Jobs Administration grid, making it easy to see both without having to open each job.


  1. As a Rock admin, nagivate to Admin | System Settings | Jobs Administration

  2. Hover over the bottom of the page to make the Admin Toolbar appear and click the Block Configuration () icon

  3. Click the arrow in the upper-left of the Jobs List to open the Scheduled Jobs List flyout.
  4. Jobs_List_Flyout.png
  5. Click the gear () icon to edit the Scheduled Jobs List.
  6. You should now be on a dialog that looks like this:
  7. Click Custom Grid Options then expand the Custom Columns panel

  8. At this point you should now see this screen. Simply configure yours to look like the image.

    By clicking the Add Column button we're adding two custom columns:
    1. One called Notify On with a Lava Template of {{ Row.NotificationStatus }}
    2. One called Alert Email with a Lava Template of {{ Row.NotificationEmails }}

  9. Save your changes and you should now be back on the Jobs list, seeing your two new columns:
  10. Scheduled_Job_List_Dialog.png
    Note: If you don't see any data in the Alert Email column, it probably means you don't have any jobs configured with Notifcation Emails. Just open each Job you're interested and set the desired Notification Status and alert email.

Now you can see exactly what Notifcation Status and Alert Email each job is configured for, without having to open a single job.