Photo Both Picture Send Workflow


At Trinity Fellowship we are always looking for new ways to engage and interact with attendees and guests. People love photo booths, so we created a way to use a SMS Pipeline and workflow to text people their photos after scanning a QR code or filling out a form on an iPad. Through the phone number capture we were able to gather contact info for new people and confirm existing people’s contact info. New people can have a connection request created for follow up.

Summary of How It Works:
  • Person scans QR Code or fills out form on iPad which enters them into a workflow.
  • Person’s picture is taken with iPad or digital camera and is stored on iPad or laptop connected to digital camera.
  • Rock User opens person’s workflow from their dashboard and uploads picture to person’s workflow.
  • Rock User ‘Submits’ workflow and picture is texted back to the person.
Needs for Workflow and Photo Booth
  1. SMS phone number and pipeline setup in Rock
  2. Group set up to send the participants to
  3. Page set up for the Thank You response (seeStep #2)
  4. 2 Pages for the form to fill out if they don’t have a mobile phone (see Step #2)
  5. QR Code
  6. Rock User to manage the sending of the photos
  7. iPad or Digital Camera with software loaded onto a laptop and cord to connect camera to laptop
Recipes Used to Help Create

              ChuckBump from Southeast Christian Church – Text to CheckIn

Step #1 – Import the Workflow

This workflow is part of the zip file below, download theJSON file called Text to Photo WF which is an export of the workflow. Import it into Rock by using the Power Tools -> WorkflowImport/Export feature.

Step #2 – Create 3 External Pages

       1.     Photo Send Page with Workflow EntryBlock added and under Advanced Settings the Page Route ofTextPhoto/{WorkflowGuid} or                 an alternate word for ‘Photo.’ Add the imported workflow to the Workflow Entry Block.

       2.     Photo Booth iPad Page with the following blocks:

            HTML Content block to contain the Photo Booth Instructions

               Add the below HTML:

<div class="badge badge-secondary">
    <i class="badge-icon fa fa-person-booth"></i>
<h3>Welcome to the Photo Booth!</h3>
<p>We're glad you're with us today and would like to give you a photo reminder of your visit.<br>Please complete the form below then get in line and we'll take your picture.<br>Once you're picture is done, see the volunteer so we can send you a text with a copy of the photo.</p>
<p><b><i>Thank you for visiting our photo booth and have a blessed day.</i></b></p>
             Workflow Entry block to hold the Photo Booth Workflow          

                Add the imported workflow to the workflow entry block.

        3.     Photo Booth Thank You Page as a child page to Photo Booth iPad Page created above with the following blocks:

             HTML Content to contain the ThankYou message

                 Add the below HTML: 

<div class="badge badge-secondary">
    <i class="badge-icon fa fa-person-booth"></i>
<h3>Thank you!</h3>
<p><b><i>We're glad you're visiting our photo booth, have a blessed day.</i></b></p>
             Idle Redirect Block with the below settings and appropriate slug
             HTML Content Block for ButtonReturn

                Add the below HTML:

      <br><br><a href="{{ 'Global' | Attribute:'ExternalApplicationRoot' }}photobooth?typ=true" class="btn btn-outline-success btn-lg active" role="button" aria-pressed="true"><i>Go to Form</i></a>

Step #3 – Update the Following Attributes in the Workflow

  • Group – In the ‘Group’ attribute select the group that was created to send the participants too


  • Group Id - In the Start by SettingAttributes activity > Set Group action needs to be changed to theGroup ID for the Group set up to send the participants too.


  • SMS Phone Number - In the Start bySetting Attributes activity > Set the SMS Phone Response action needs to be changed to the SMS Phone number being used for the workflow.


          The SMS Phone Number needs to also be selected in 4 different actions in the workflow in the From field in the Form to drop in                     photo  activity.

               o  Send Initiator Instruction Text action 

               o  Send Initiator Photo 1 action

               o  Send Initiator Photo 2 action

               o  Send Initiator Message action

           SMS_Phone_select.png.             SMS_Phone_Select_Photo.png

  • Rock User – In the Form to drop in photo activity > Set New Worker action the Person selector needs to be changed to the Rock user set up to send the photos to the Initiator.


Step #4 – Edit Messaging Text in Workflow

Below are all the places in the workflow that have messaging text that may need to be updated to fit your particular workflow.

  • ‘Message’ attribute – default value
  • ‘SMS reply with link’ attribute – default value
  • Start by Setting Attributes activity >Set the SMS Response action – Text Value
  • Gather Person’s Info activity > GatherPerson’s Info action – Form Response Text
  • Gather Person’s Info activity > SetWorkflow Name action – Text Value
  • Form to Drop in Photo activity > SendInitiator Instruction Text action – Message
  • Form to Drop in Photo activity > PhotoDrop Form action – Form Response Text

Step #5 – Set up Text to Workflow in SMS Pipeline

  1. Add a ‘Launch Workflow’ action to the SMSPipeline.
  2. In the Launch Workflow settings, Name the workflow, check the ‘Active’ and ‘Continue’ checkboxes, and put the keyword in the ‘Message’ field of the Filter section as ‘Contains’. 


      3. In the Workflow settings, select the imported‘Text to Photo WF’ and check to ‘Pass Nameless Person.’ 

      4. Add the lava for the workflow name and add the workflow attributes of ‘FromPerson’, ‘Message’, and ‘SMSPhone’ with the                              appropriate lava (see below).

          Screen_Shot_2022-08-18_at_11.51.23_AM.png.     From Person > {{ FromPerson.PrimaryAlias.Guid }}

  1. Click ‘Save.’

Step #6 – Update the Thank You Page Info

The external page created for the workflow needs to have ‘Text..../{{Workflow.Guid }}’ set as the route in the Advanced Settings of the page. The‘…’ is the name you give to the type of photo workflow.


  • TextPhoto/{{ Workflow.Guid }} needs to be replaced in the ‘Text Value’ of the Start by Setting Attributes activity > Set the SMS Phone Response action.


  • iPad Form Url – The url created from the page set up to hold the form used if a person doesn’t have a mobile phone or if you aren’t using the QR code scan or Keyword option, needs to be changed from ‘photobooththanks’ to your created slug. This is the Url field on the Gather Person’sInfo activity > Redirect if iPad Form action.