Do your Ministries know about all the features and functionality available to them and

where to find them in Rock? Bring visibility and cohesion while improving the ministry

user experience and buy-in by creating Team Pages that function as a one-stop

shop for ministries.  

Here is a quick view of what Team Pages look like:

From Navigation bar, we click on Connections Team Page


This takes you to a page with a page menu of all the reports, links to connection boards, metrics, KPIs and person analytic redirects they need. You can add links to defined types so the team can update or add a new values, add redirects to video trainings, access to a specific connection type so they can update the default connectors. Your options are limitless,  you can customize each page for each team  for what is essential to set them up for success.


Here is a step by step video tutorial on how to set this up.