We are a multi-site church and we still collect physical cards from certain events and even some physical next step cards. Our dream would be to be all digital but right now for us that is not realistic. SO we had to figure out a way to collect those cards and get the info to the team who enters the information and builds connections. Our campuses are spread all over the Texas panhandle and New Mexcio so physically delivering them is out, and sometimes copy machines caused problems. So we built a workflow that collects the cards, here's how to do it!

1. Build an attribute Matrix:


Two attributes, a front and a back both file types, we use unsecured for this. 

On mobile this file uploader will actually allow staff to use the native camera in their phone to take pictures of cards and upload it that way. 

Staff can add as many cards as they want as once in the matrix attribute.

2. Then build a workflow that uses the matrix as an attribute on a form, I have attached ours below. Our workflow assigns the new card to a group, our data entry team, and then send them the card with a complete button to push when they have entered it. It's super simple and makes card collection easy.

To make our workflow work, you will have to choose your attribute matrix in the attribute settings.  You will also have to set a group for the workflow to be assigned to.