Have you ever been inundated with requests for lists of people based on age, gender, connection status or campus?  Do your staff ask you for those reports, use them once and then never ask again? Do you like to keep your dataviews organized and clean? This is the tool for you, and more specifically, this is the tool for your ministry staff. 

We have two different types of Quick Report tools:


The Adult quick report looks like this: 


Here's how it works, staff can come to this page and we have identified some common filters that were asked for. Staff can choose which filters they want by checking the boxes next to a filter, and generate a list of those people for emails or recruiting or whatever one-off list they might need. 

In this example I am pulling a list of married women at our Amarillo West Campus:


We also have this for children and youth(And parents of Children and Youth):


Want to know how to build it?

Here we go! 

  1. Start with a data view.
  2. Your dataview will need two things, a core of filters that you don't want staff to change. For us that includes, Person is Active, Person is not Deceased, Record Type is Person, And for the Adult Report: Age Classification is Adult. Then your dataview needs all the filters you would want to include, but leave the values of the filter blank, for example Marital Status, but don't select any options. When you hit save your data view will look a little funny, but trust the process.
  3.  Screen_Shot_2022-09-14_at_1.46.46_AM.png
  4. Next Build a report. Here you want to create any columns that you think your staff may need. For our Adult Report we used the following columns: Screen_Shot_2022-09-14_at_1.51.18_AM.png
  5. Again if the report is blank or looks weird, trust the process! It will work! 
  6. Next build a page for your new reporting tool and add the Report Data Block. Choose the report you just built in the block settings. 
  7. Then uncheck any of the filters that you identified as ones you don't want staff to change (ex: is deceased). Any filters that staff should be able to use or toggle, keep selected: Screen_Shot_2022-09-14_at_1.52.50_AM.png
  8. Then hit save and your new report tool is ready to be used by staff! We added instructions to the page to help remind staff how to use the tool as well.

For the Child and youth report here are the dataview filters we use: 


And the report columns: 


The Parent Report, which we link at the top of the child and youth report is another data view that is identical to the child and youth data view but it has a parent transformation. This way staff can get a list of the parents of all 8th grade boys, etc. So the filters in this report apply to the child, but then display the parents of those children as a result instead of the kiddos. 


Columns for the parent report:


That's it! 

Hopefully this makes those one-off reports one less thing on your plate!! 🙌🏻