Our leadership wanted to make sure that our staff were following up with people who submit connection requests in a timely manner. 

We believe that every connection that comes in from cards, webforms, or built by staff are opportunities for spirirtual next steps. So the urgency to respond within 48hrs has become increibly important. Our leadership wanted supervisors to be notified if one of their direct reports had not followed up with a connection within 48hrs. 

Seems simple right?

Well there were two stipulations, they wanted a connection that came in during our weekend(Fri-Sat) to not start counting until Sunday and a connection that came in on a holiday/day the office was closed to not count/be apart of this process because sometimes our holiday breaks are weird. 

So we built a workflow that handles this. 

1. Create an attribute on connection requests that is called Is Outstanding? and is a Boolean. It defaults to No. 

2. We built a workflow (File Attached) that is launched off of a Request Started trigger on connections. This workflow calculates a 48hr date based on those above criteria and then pauses until that date. If the connection is still in a No Contact State when the workflow is reactivated the attribute Is Outstanding? is changed to Yes, an email is triggered to the person's supervisor and the Campus Pastor. 

(Two attributes you need for this to work, a Supervisor person attribute, that is on staff's profiles. And the Core attribute on a campus called 'Campus Leader' needs to have a value.)


To make the attached Workflow work you will need to update the attributes I talked about above and there are hard coded holidays in the action called 'Calculate Is holiday?' that you may want to update to your church's holidays. 

 Optional: We also have a workflow that runs when certain activites are added to connections and if it was outstanding, but an activity is added it changes that Is Outstanding? attribute from Yes to No.

4. The last thing we did is build a report for anyone to look at at anytime that shows the current outstanding connections:


Data View: