We schedule lots of students in serving roles using Group Scheduler in Rock. We ran into an issue that many youth did not have emails or parents wanted to receive notifications that their kiddos were serving. 

So we built a process that allows us to identify the adult who needs the notifications for the minor and then triggers a notification to that adult when the minor is scheduled to serve! 

Two warnings with this process! 

1) This gets triggered as soon as a student is scheduled, so please communicate with your teams, that once they plug a student in the notification is triggered, there is no delay, you could build one into the workflow if you need it. 

2) It only works if your staff add the Contact Person to every Group Member who needs it. So if my "Daughter" Susy is on two different serving teams, the attribute of Contact Person needs to be set up in BOTH groups for that minor. 

Are you ready to build it? Buckle up! 

1) Add  Group Member attribute called 'Contact Person'. You can do this on the group type level. Go to General Settings->Group Types and then find the group type you want to set this up on. We did our Serving Teams.  Click on the group and expand the category called 'Member Attributes'. The attribute shoudl be built as a Person Field Type: 


2)Install the attached workflow!

** You will need to edit the workflow and change the email and SMS in the places where it says **Your Church Name Here**

**Please note, if you change the name of the attribute from Contact Person, to something else, you will have to change the 'Contact Person' Action to the appropriate Attribute Key. 

3) Build a Workflow Trigger. To do this go to General Settings-> Workflow Triggers. Then add a new Trigger with the following settings(Making sure to attach the workflow you just installed in the 'Workflow Type Field':


Happy Notifying!